How To Be a Man and Still Get to Heaven

For years man has sought for the richness of Heaven and contemplated its existence. Sometimes we stop and think about what our purpose in life is and what we are doing right now to get to that purpose. A lot have contemplated the meaning and purpose of their own lives. Everyone at some point in their lives would have questioned their purpose. Haven’t you?

Some believe in heaven and some don’t. It’s just a matter of faith and religion but for the believers, heaven is always where you would aspire to be. For sure, you’d be thinking of ways on how you can get your own place in heaven. The alternative is much worse.

So how do you rack up enough points so you can have your place up above with the celestial beings? It’s not going to be easy but you’ll be able to do it if you have the determination and heart. Being a man will require you to go through human progression, and then getting to heaven will require that you finish your humanly progression.

First and foremost, you should be getting an education. Get some reading done. Knowledge is going to be very important later on in your adult life. Learn all the things that you think needs learning to better equip you with all that you need to know to survive human life. An education will do you wonders. Pick up all you can by reading up and learning much so you can do the second step right.

Secondly, earn your own enough for you to live on. By doing the first step, you will have read and learned all that you could and then applying it to earn an income. This is essential to living your everyday life. You could start earning by taking those summer jobs while you’re still in college then later on getting a paying job as a professional. Money is a need so you could live and survive through human life. Make wise investments to increase your funds because this will be possible for you to make your third and last step feasible in order for you to have that shot at heaven.

Lastly, when you’ve gotten the hang of earning your own living and have more than enough to spare, then it’s time to give back to your community what you have received over time. Sort of like paying it forward. When you start this chain, you have a better chance of making the world a better place. Other people might just do what you have done and this starts a wonderful chain of events. Helping others is something noble and easily achievable for everyone and by doing so, you are increasing your chances of getting to heaven. Your heart must be in the right place. You should help, not only because you want to advance yourself but because you have this genuine desire to truly be in the service of others and by touching their lives. In this regard, you are showing your love of God by loving his creations – your fellow human beings.


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