How To Become a Sorority Member

College life could really be demanding, but it can also be fun and exciting where you can find friends by joining established organizations in your school. Every fall, groups of college girls line up outside sorority houses in what is known as the Rush, to join a particular sorority. In order to be a member in one of these organizations, you have to undergo a process of recruitment and selection. Once you’re accepted, you have the privileges of a member where you could wear Greek shirts and other types of sorority and fraternity clothing. But being a sorority member is not just about the privileges, it also entails your commitment to the organization. The following are the basic stages in becoming a sorority member:

  1. Open Houses. Membership recruitment has four basic stages. The first stage is generally known as Open House. During this stage, you become a Potential New Member (PNM) and given the opportunity to go to sorority houses and meet informally the sorority members in a particular college or university. At the end of the Open House, you will make a list of sororities you want to visit again. On the other hand, the sororities also prepare a list of PNMs whom they want to visit their sorority house again.
  2. Skits. The next round in membership recruitment is known as the Skit. This is a form of orientation for the PNMs where sorority members prepare a brief presentation about their organization. This presentation shows how their sorority works. This round is considerably fun so you could relax while watching each of the skits of different chapters of sororities in your school. Just like the previous round, at the end of the Skit you will select the sorority you prefer but this time you have to narrow down your list. The same goes for the sororities, they narrow down their list of PNMs they want for their organization.
  3. Philanthropy. This is the third round and this entails that each PNMs participate in an activity related to the sorority’s philanthropy. These activities include crafts making and charity work, among others. Through these activities, you will be able to get to know the sorority members a lot more through informal talks. At the end of this round, you will again narrow down the list of sororities you want to just two, possibly three depending on the size of college or university and the number of sororities present.
  4. Preference. The fourth round in membership recruitment is preference. This is a more formal stage where everyone is dressed in formal clothing or sometimes, in Greek apparels. This round involves rituals and ceremonies where sorority members speak more seriously of the sorority’s symbols and most-guarded secrets. After you attend all the Preference parties, the National Panhellenic Conference, where almost all of the sororities in the country are members, makes the selection process by matching the lists made by the PNMs and the sororities.

Before you finally become a sorority member, you undergo the process called Bid Day where you will be given an envelope and enclosed is the sorority which selected you. Through these organizations, you will not only be able to learn how to treasure friendships but you will also know the value of commitment and sisterhood. College life is never easy but with your sisters at your side and a determination as tough as a Greek paddle, you can get through it with your chin held up high.


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