How To Build an Intent Letter for a Graduate School

The application process to attend graduate school is pretty standard regardless of the school you choose to apply to. They will require your transcript of grades, a copy of your bachelor’s degree, and most importantly the intent letter. Getting accepted will equally weigh on the construction of your intent letter, which is basically a letter stating your desire to take advanced education in the particular field of study in a particular graduate school. To build and write this intent letter, you will be required to stick to a certain norm when it comes to writing it. Here are some tips on how to write an outstanding intent letter to help you get into grad school.

  • Address the letter properly. The first tip that you should never get wrong is to whom you should address the letter. Most grad schools will have different admission committees per grad school program. So, based on the program you are planning to take, make sure to start out the letter by properly addressing it to the particular committee of the program of your choice. For instance, if you are planning to take a grad school program in business administration or management, then you will want to address the letter to the committee of business administration.
  • The 1st paragraph. This is the first section of your letter of intent and should be straightforward and detailed. In this section, you will want to be clear on the program you are applying to and the semester you want to enroll in. Once that specific detail is encoded, proceed with your educational credentials and background. Detail is good here however, since this is the 1st paragraph, you will still want it short and concise.
  • The experiences. For the 2nd paragraph, you will want to account all the experiences that you have gathered relevant to the field of study. This will include your work experiences, volunteer activities, and other related areas that you have endured. It is important to express how these experiences can assist you in completing the grad school program you are applying to with flying colors.
  • The benefits and the future. The 3rd paragraph of your letter should be more casual wherein you will explain why you are taking the program and what you will do with it after you complete it. Furthermore, detailing your expectations of the program as well as what you want to do while studying is expected at this section.
  • The promise. For the final paragraph, you will want to end it with a promise. Start it by explaining your determination, commitment, and that you will strive for excellence especially if you are blessed enough to get accepted into the program. You may want to emphasize the reason for choosing the school and that you will be the best student you can be should you get accepted. This paragraph should emphasize your promise to uphold the quality and ethics of the school you chose.

To end the letter, write your full name and sign it. You will attach this letter with all the other required documents and submit them as one to the school of your choice. If the letter of intent is well written and constructed, your chances of getting in should significantly increase.


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