How To Celebrate College Graduation

Great Ideas to Make Sure It'll Be a Night You Never Forget

College peers on graduation

So after all those late nights finishing assignments that were due yesterday and cramming for tests and exams, you have finally done it -- you've graduated. Congratulations! So how do you celebrate this event and make it an experience you won't forget? Read on for some great ideas.

A family party.

No doubt your family will want to celebrate your achievements, and having them host a party is a fantastic way to do this. It also means they will do most of the preparation so the stress is off you.

  1. Family barbecue. A popular low budget idea is a backyard event at home. Dad can fire up the barbeque with some steaks.
  2. Catering. If dad's not so great on the grill, why not consider hiring a caterer? They can generate packages for all tastes and budgets.
  3. Shelter. If the weather isn't party friendly in your area, you could consider hiring a tent. You can find tents large enough to keep the entire party dry. If elderly family members are joining the festivities, these tents are a good idea even in hot and sunny weather, since they provide shade.
  4. Function rooms. For a family party with a larger budget, you could consider booking out a function room at a restaurant or venue of your choice. Everything in regards to food, drinks and setting up will all be done for you.
  5. Decorations. Why not decorate the venue in you school or college colors to make it even more exciting? You may even like to give your party a theme to do with your degree; this could be displayed through the decorations, food or even costume.

    Another great way to spruce up these events is by showcasing photos of your journey through life, particularly school moments. Whether you use a slideshow or pin-up board, it makes a great talking point for both family and friends.

You should invite people up to 3 weeks beforehand so you have a good idea of how many people you will need to feed. If you choose the function room option, I suggest inviting over 4 weeks in advance so that you can give the venue approximate numbers by the date they request.

Celebrating with friends.

It is possible that before you make it home, you will be with all your friends who hopefully will have graduated too, so it makes sense to celebrate with them.

  1. The night out. Celebrate in style by hiring a limousine, stretch hummer, party bus or other chauffeured vehicle that takes your fancy. If over 21, you can request champagne to flow freely and your car can take you to the hottest night spots in your town. Then when you've had enough of one place, just jump right back in and you can be driven somewhere else. After your night out you can be dropped back home or you could choose to spend a night or two in a swanky hotel. The choice is up to you. This is an expensive option but it's not every day that you graduate, right?!
  2. The low-key celebration. A low-key event might be for you if you don't enjoy the party life. How about dinner with friends or even hosting your own party? By hosting your own party you can control who is there and also what drinks are consumed. Make sure everyone has a safe way of getting home (or otherwise crashes at your place), and keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.

Hopefully these ideas have given you something to think about when you go to plan your party or celebration. Don't leave things for the last minute, as you'll find venues already booked, no cars available and perhaps no hotel room or snack foods for your party.

Remember to have a great time and celebrate your achievement!


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