How To Celebrate Pi Day

Pi is the Greek symbol for the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Pi is one of the most famous mathematical constants and Pi Day is celebrated across the world on March 14 each year. The value of Pi over time has been calculated to over a trillion digits after the decimal (not manually, of course!!). Most commonly these days people say its value is 3.1415926 - which is why we honor Pi on March 14 (3/14 - get it?!). On this day (and at 1:59 PM in particular, if you want to get really specific) students across the US celebrate Pi by participating in various fun activities. March 14 also has more special significance asthe day Albert Einstein was born, so March 14 actually becomes a double celebration for mathematicians all over the world who hold both Pi and Einstein sacred. For those who do not follow the above MM-DD-YYYY date format, Pi Day might instead fall on 3 January at 4.15.92 AM.

  1. In the US, Pi Day is celebrated on a major scale with schools, colleges and universities engaging in all kinds of events. Like the irrational number Pi is, there are no fixed rules or rituals mandated for celebrating the day. Read on for some tips on how you can celebrate the day. There are no limits... I introduced my cellmates to it and some of them still celebrate Pi Day every year!
  2. Create a pi- or pie-theme for the full day on March 14. Decorate your classroom or room at home with Pi or pie-shaped buntings, banners or arches in different colors.
  3. Wear costumes embellished with the Pi symbol or create T-shirts with Pi logos or symbols used creatively.
  4. Make and wear different accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, headbands, etc with Pi or its numerical values depicted in actual form, or have various colors ascribed to each digit in the Pi constant.
  5. Eat pies of different kinds through the full day. This could mean fruit pies, pizzas or both.
  6. Organize pie-eating or pie-throwing contests, Pi-themed sing-along sessions, and Pi value recitations with prizes for the person who recites the maximum decimal value of Pi from memory; raise funds with pie-in-the-face events, etc.
  7. Create a PI homepage on the web.
  8. Get together with like-minded friends and colleagues to create a Pi club and organize a lot of activities not just on Pi day but throughout the year.
  9. Read aloud Pi-themed books such as "The Joy of Pi" or "Circumference and the Dragon of Pie" in your class or club or home.
  10. Visit the Exploratorium in San Francisco and participate in the Pi Day Procession. There are many other Pi-related activities planned for the day at the institution.

These tips are certainly only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pi Day celebrations. You can think up as many activities and events for the day as there are digits after the decimal point in Pi! The main idea is to enjoy the day and also gain helpful knowledge about Pi and its uses in daily life.


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