How To Choose an Emergency Medical Technician Program in London

When choosing a career for yourself, no other career can offer you the excitement and fulfillment of becoming an Emergency Medical Technician or EMT. These skilled men and women are very important because they keep people alive until they get the proper medical treatment they need at a hospital. And if you're looking to become an EMT in London, one of the greatest cities in the world, well you should be made of the right material to be successful there.

It goes without saying that not everyone can become an EMT. You have to go to an established school, go through the proper training, and get yourself certified by your country's professional licensing commission before you can be put in charge of people's lives. Here are a few tips on your path to become a great EMT.

  • Check for length. Depending on the requirements and rigors of the course, emergency medical technician training can last for as short as 2 weeks to 6 months. You have to decide on the length of training based on your ability to learn and master the necessary skills and knowledge. If you are a slow learner and opt for the 2 week course, what kind of EMT will you become?
  • Check for content. A serviceable EMT training course usually has 120-140 hours of classroom instruction. It should also teach you how to respond, assess, stabilize, and transport patients. The course is designed to teach you how to respond to any kind of emergency situation and how to make quick, life-saving decisions along the way. A few topics to watch out for are I.V. maintenance, Glucometer, and advanced airway as these are the basics in EMT.
  • Check for certification. Any good EMT training course comes with certifications issued by the British government on various fields of emergency medical services as well has hands on learning. Knowing CPR will probably be a rigid requirement which means that you will need to get CPR certified prior to getting your certification as an EMT. Being CPR certified is a requirement before taking the NREMT test.
  • Hands-on learning. The best EMT training courses offer hands-on training as nothing teaches better than the actual application of what you've learned theoretically. Make sure they are equipped for this with training dummies and standard EMT equipment to simulate real life situations.
  • Accessibility. Finally, choose a school that is close to where you live. You will be studying a lot and will be doing a lot of hands on training. It is imperative that you get to the classes on time as the rate of attrition in these schools is fairly huge. You may also want to inquire regarding on-site accommodations and payment and matriculation options.

Universities like Sheffield Hall University, University of Hertfordshire and Oxford Brookes University all have excellent EMT training programs so you may want to begin inquiring there.

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, populated by culturally diverse and unique people. Should you decide to become an EMT there, the lives and loves of those people will be in your hands so choose your training wisely.


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