How To Choose Sonography Schools

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In the field of medicine, sonographers are in high demand because sonography is used for diagnosing a wide variety of diseases and physical conditions. Because of this, the demand for sonographers is great. If you want a career in sonography, your foundation is good sonography training. Here's how you can find a sonography school that can provide you with good training.

  • Accreditation. The first rule in any school is that you must select from a list of accredited schools. Accreditation essentially acts as the quality control for various school programs. If a school is accredited, this means that the school meets the basics for ensuring good sonographers. There are plenty of schools that offer sonography. To know if a particular school is accredited, you should check the website of the CAAHEP or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. The information can be accessed freely and easily on the CAAHEP website.
  • Success rate. Next, look at the success rate of the school. The success rate is usually measured by the number of students who have graduated from the school and who have passed the licensure examinations for sonography. The higher the passing rate, the greater your chances will be for passing the same test. The success rate does not only speak of the ability of the students, but also of the quality of education that the school provides.
  • Online schools. A lot of students choose their schools based on proximity to home. If you travel a lot, however, one of the options is to attend online schools. Just like other brick and mortar universities, online schools are also a good option as long as they are accredited. One of the advantages with online schools is that you get more flexibility in terms of time and location. You can do your homework and study whenever you are free, wherever you are. All you need is access to the Internet.
  • Distance learning. There are other opportunities apart from brick and mortar universities and online schools. You can also avail of distance learning, which are also usually accredited. Most distance learning programs are part of actual university programs. The only difference is that you do not have to attend the classes in the university. Usually, you can access the lessons and send in your papers and tests through the Internet as well.
  • Budget. Finally, consider your budget before enrolling. Some prestigious schools are expensive, but will actually provide the same quality of accreditation as any other accredited school. If finances are preventing you from enrolling, you should also consider student loans that will allow you to study and be paid after you already have a job. Make sure, however, that you choose your student loan carefully. A lot of students are caught in debt that sometimes makes college education not feel worth it.

Finally, consider asking other students about their experiences in the respective sonography schools where they are enrolled. The opinions of the students themselves will give you an idea of just how good a particular school is. With these steps, you should be able to find the beset sonography school to jump start your career in sonography.


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