How To Choose the Best Online Advertising Degree Program

The inception of online degrees has given many people a fantastic option to get their degrees online at the comfort of their own home. This whole concept has paved the ways for more and more people to get their desired education without having to invest heavily in it. Online degree programs are significantly less expensive than on-campus programs. Remember, you will have to deal with the costs of using the college’s or university’s facilities and possible housing and daily living costs as well. But with an online program, you need not deal with these and only have to pay for the tuition. What is even better with the whole online program concept, most degrees are being offered including one very popular one; the advertising degree program. On this note, if you want to start your career in advertising, then enrolling in an online program for an advertising degree will be the inexpensive boost you need. Here are a few colleges and universities that offer the particular program, which are considered the cream of the crop.

  • University of Phoenix. This highly rated university is considered to be one of the premier movers in the whole online education concept. They are known to offer various online programs in line with advertising and marketing. One popular offering that most people looking for a boost in their aspirations in advertising is the visual communications program. This program consists of training in web design, online marketing, visual merchandising, and advertising. Check out their website at for more information about this program.
  • Kaplan University. In the world of online education, Kaplan University is surely to be one of the names you will hear in any discussion. This is because it has a long line of online programs being offered that consider being topnotch and highly ranked. They are one of the few top universities offering a bachelor’s degree online specifically for programs quite relevant to advertising such as “Business and Communications” and “Branding and Visual Arts”. Both of these programs are geared to train students on how to approach advertising and marketing. For more information about these programs, visit
  • International Academy of Design and Technology. If you are looking for a more direct advertising program, then you are in the right place. This school offers both a 4-year bachelor’s degree and a 2-year associate’s degree program in advertising. The bachelor’s degree program is in fine arts for advertising and design while the associate’s degree is in science for graphic design. The former provides a comprehensive training program in all facets of advertising and marketing while the latter concentrates of graphic design and the use of technology for marketing and advertising. For more information, log on to
  • Penn Foster. This college brags about their 2-year associate’s degree program in graphic design that tackles advertising through the use of digital media and other commonly used technology. This is a fantastic program that can teach you to evolve the traditional ways of advertising into the more modern mediums that are currently used such as the Internet through social networking sites, blogs, and full streaming video sites. If you are keen into looking at this offering, visit

Check all of these colleges and universities out and compare the costs and the advantages of each program. This will help you decide on what program to go with. Once you decide on the school to go, make the necessary arrangements and start your education right now—at home.


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