How To Come Up with a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the most important part of your research paper, because it is the main idea that your research would revolve around during the course of your discussion. It is the declarative sentence that you want your readers to understand after reading your research. And having one for your paper would help you narrow down the objectives and research you need to do. Follow the tips given below to know how to think up a thesis statement for your paper.

What you need:

  • A creative mind
  • References of your chosen topic

Determine what type of paper you are working on. You have to know what kind of paper you would be writing on (e.g. analytical paper, argumentative paper, thesis) before you start brainstorming for ideas. Knowing what kind of paper you would be working on would determine how complicated and comprehensive your thesis statement should be.

Choose a general topic for your thesis. Find a general topic that is related to your course and of which you are very familiar with. Be sure that the topic is interesting, and it shouldn't be too common or too obscure. Choosing a topic that you are very familiar and well-versed with would make your research easier because you would be researching something that you like.

Research your general topic thoroughly. Find references about your general topic and research how you could make a research paper concerning it. Find out if your topic had been used for research before, and figure out if you could conduct a new research using a different perspective or methodology. Search for certain issues concerning your chosen topic that have yet to be clarified or have yet to be researched about, then determine if you would be able to come up with a research that would answer those issues.

Brainstorm your thesis statement. After researching about your general topic, you could follow the suggestions and tips given below to make your thesis statement.

  • Thesis statements are usually answers or solutions to unresolved issues in the topic, so think of certain unresolved issue/s and the solutions to it for forming a thesis statement.
  • Be sure that whatever declarative idea that you are going to present, there would be enough evidence to prove that idea, or other research to corroborate.
  • Search for a particular perspective that could be used for your topic that haven't had enough prior research. It should be interesting and maybe controversial to make your thesis statement stand out.
  • Narrow your central idea into one concise sentence asserting a specific idea, and make sure that the statement isn't too broad or too vague. The idea shouldn't be too boring either.

Consult with your professor. After making your thesis statement, consult with an authority figure and check if it is acceptable for research. You might need to make some revisions and changes to your thesis statement if you find that there is room for improvement.

Be creative in your approach and think logically if your research is possible. With your thesis statement made you can start being serious with writing your research paper.


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