How To Compare Beauty Schools

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Beauty is such an extensive subject. That is why there are various schools that each specialize in its sub-classifications. A bulk of the most outstanding and renowned beauty schools in the world are cosmetology schools, hairdressing schools and nails schools. On the other hand, beauty colleges and beauty academies offer a more comprehensive list of beauty related courses incorporating the specializations of some small beauty schools. Given all these academic institutions, there is a need to make comparisons as to which best fits an individual who wants to take further studies on beauty by considering each of the school's specializations, location and other important factors.

  1. American Beauty College - Along Sunset Drive in the sunny state of California is the famous American Beauty College (ABC), which has been in the beauty business for the past 40 years. It offers cosmetology, manicuring, cosmetology teacher training, barber training and also makeup studies. This beauty college is likewise renowned for partnering with highly recognized organizations in the United States like the Bellflower Playhouse Productions and the Miss Bellflower Pageant, among others.
  2. Empire Education Group - With over 87 schools all over North America, this seven decade old beauty academy is highly focused on educating about cosmetology and hairstyling, but it also offers courses in nail technology, esthetics, massage and teacher training. What is amazing about this education group is that it strives to create an individual impact by making a different school name for each and every state like the Chic University of Cosmetology in Michigan and the Empire Beauty Schools in Illinois and in New York.
  3. ICC Technical Institute - There is definitely no doubt that this prestigious school of cosmetology and massage therapy in Texas, located in the middle of Houston, is one-of-a-kind. Throughout its more than twenty-years of existence, the training that they give to their students is very hands-on. In fact, the institute has its personal full service salon that will surely aid its students in honing their skills in cosmetology. To add more to this, they have a special international program in order to provide more avenues for creative learning.
  4. Sunstate Academy - Amidst all the hustle and bustle of amusement parks all over Florida is a very serene place called Sunstate Academy. This more than three decade old beauty academy promises nothing but the best facilities and professional instructors in order for students to understand what health, wellness and beauty means in its purest and truest sense. 
  5. Capri Beauty School - On the southwest side of Chicago lies the 6,356 square foot art school campus called the Capri Beauty School. It offers basic cosmetology programs, instructor programs as well as internship programs. Using its so-called Pivot Point Curriculum, the school seeks to provide opportunities for job placement after its students successfully finish the course.

Today, image is everything so people must take beauty more seriously. For those who want to have this kind of career, it is not enough to be interested on it; you must seek the advice of the experts who are most likely teaching in beauty schools. 


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