How To Create Powerful Visualization

Visualizations are often the first step in achieving a goal. If you want to do something, then you better be able to visualize that thing in your mind even before you start acting toward that goal. It may be getting your dream job, following your diet strictly, finishing your work before deadline, or any other goal. The important thing here is that you are able to visualize yourself being able to finish that goal. This helps you psyche your mind and body to actually work hard in achieving that goal.

Visualization is not always that easy, though. It's not as simple as imagining something or recalling something in your mind. Here are a few ways you can create a powerful visualization, which can help you achieve your goals.

Use vivid images. Use your imagination to come up with vivid and clear images of what you want to achieve. Be sure that these images stand out and are clear enough for you to see in your mind's eye. The clearer, the better. This way, you are able to visualize your goals more easily. For example, if you want to buy your dream house, then be sure to visualize each and every detail of your future home in your mind--including the structure, finishing, fixtures, and even furniture. Don't just think of an image of a roof and walls. Think of the vivid imagery.

Have realistic scenes and goals.  You are imagining something. Be sure you also believe in what you are imagining. Therefore, it will be important to use realistic images and even goals. For example, you want to buy your dream house, but you do have certain constraints, such as a budget. Don't imagine yourself living in a palatial mansion, then. If you do so, then your mind might not believe what you are visualizing, and you might just end up not believing yourself. Have goals that are realistic, reasonable and believable. This way, you have an easier time of achieving what you are aiming for.

Tap emotions. Visualization is best when emotions are engaged. Emotions will help you remember the images that you visualize. Emotions will also help strengthen the images that you create in your mind. For instance, if you are visualizing your dream job, then picture yourself in your new, large corner office. Think of how happy and satisfied you feel being able to reach the top of your game. Think of how proud your parents, your spouse, or your friends will be once you are already there.

Use physical actions. Aside from emotions, you will also need to tap your physical self, in order to further enforce the ideas that your visualization is bringing about. For example, you are working out, and you want to achieve that perfect, toned body. Think of yourself as having achieved that fitness level, and flex your muscles at the same time. Or if you are visualizing how you will hit that hole-in-one when you go out to the tee in a few hours, why not practice your swing (even without a club)? Physical actions help bring in your senses to the equation. By moving your body, you will feel that you are actually achieving your goal.

Write it down. Just like dreams, the images and ideas you conjure up in your mind when you visualize can be easily forgotten. Write these down in a notebook or journal. This way, you can get back to your visualization sessions even in the future. These will help you gauge if your visualization proved to be helpful in your reaching your goals.

Goals are easier to achieve when they seem in easy reach. Creating powerful visualizations is one way of making yourself believe that your goals are just an arm's length away.


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