How To Donate College Textbooks

Once you are done with a semester or schooling, you may find yourself stuck with a bundle of textbooks. Unless you have younger siblings or friends you can pass it on to, it may prove to be a little difficult to get rid of the books, especially if new editions come out.

You don’t need to throw out your old college textbooks. If they are still in relatively good condition, there are various ways to donate college textbooks. Here are some worth considering.

  • Post it. Make a posting of your list of books ready for donation on your social networking site. You may do it the old fashioned way to place a notice on the student board on campus. Younger batches looking for a steal will quickly grab the opportunity and get your books off you back. If you wrote special notes on your books, it may prove to be even more invaluable to the new owners. Some colleges even have a book exchange program. See if your university or school has one.
  • Give it to the library. If you can’t find other students willing to take your old textbooks because it’s obsolete, try your local library. If it happens that they have a book drive, you may be able to leave you books with them. Most libraries have sales that sell old books and textbooks for around a dollar a bag. Who knows who’ll buy it? Better it find new use, rather than be thrown in the trash.
  • Give it to a church or other local organization. Support your community’s fund drive. If your church has a fund raising activity, see if they are willing to accept college books. Perhaps you may also want to contact a local group that works with disadvantaged youths. Try the local Rotary club. Check the yellow pages and see if there are charities or programs that you can support by donating your old textbooks.
  • Go to the National Community Service Resource Center website. This site lists various charities and organizations that accept donations. Go to Type in “finding places to donate used textbooks”. You may also call them toll free at (800) 860-2684. Choose a charity or organization based on where you live or what appeals to you. Some charities collect books for local distribution, while others send it out to poorer countries.
  • Donate it internationally. There are several organizations that accept used textbooks and give it to poorer communities. There’s Books for the Barrios, which collects books for donation to rural communities in the Philippines. Check out the website at You may also try The Global Book Exchange, which is another organization that collects textbooks. Their website is Both groups collect books and textbooks for use of disadvantaged communities in developing countries. You may also do an Internet search to find other listings of groups and organizations you can work with.
  • Give it to prison libraries. Provide textbooks and other reading materials to prisoners through the Book Through Bars Program. If you are interested in supporting this program by donating your used textbooks, check the website at

Don’t throw your old books out. Even though outdated, textbooks can still provide useful information to those in need. Donating old textbooks can still be used as reference materials, instead of adding to the ever increasing stockpile in landfills.


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