How To Earn a Free College Degree While You Work

Getting a college degree is a big challenge for many people. The high cost of tuition fees is the number one factor that prevents them from pursuing this dream. Although there are scholarships for the taking, to qualify is another problem. Hence the only option left is to work your way through college. Though this could be difficult, considering that you need to juggle your time to be able to attend your classes, do not lose heart as there is always a remedy for everything. If you are really determined to earn a free college degree while you work, take these suggestions:

  1. Apply for a grant. There are certain organizations that give study grants to qualified individuals. Visit for more information. You may also find recommendations in this site and instructions on how to go about getting a college grant.
  2. Apply for a scholarship. Admit it. There are people who are really gifted and talented and can hurdle scholarship examinations very well. You may be one of these people. If you are, then do apply for a college scholarship in your area. With a strong resolve to get a college degree, you should be able to tackle work and studies at the same time. Your innate talent of course, will also do the works as you cope with the academic demands of school and the rigors of your job.
  3. Seize a study now, pay later opportunity. There are schools that offer this package to students who cannot afford to pay tuition fees. You may search for colleges in your locality that give students this opportunity to enable them to earn their college degrees. This education plan is designed to allow students to go through college free of obligations, after which they will only be obliged to pay back after they graduate, on a given installment basis.
  4. Find out the colleges near your residence that offer low tuition fees. There are schools in the U.S. that give special tuition packages for working students as long as they meet the requirements and maintain a certain academic average.
  5. Look for schools that give extended academic programs to families. Some schools offer educational packages to family members who go to the same college. For instance, if there are three siblings studying in a certain college, one of them may be exempted from paying the fees. You might as well avail of this benefit too, if you are in the same position.
  6. Work as a student assistant in the college of your choice. As a student assistant, you will enjoy free tuition fee benefits. You may work as a cafeteria server or cook, a front desk receptionist, an assistant to a faculty member, a filing clerk or a messenger.
  7. Seek online college opportunities. If you will only search well, there are schools that offer free online college education to qualified applicants. You may visit for more facts and recommendations.
  8. Try to find out if your family belongs to a certain group with college education benefits. For instance, if your father is a war veteran, the government can provide you with free college education, depending on the qualifications of your father under the law.

Earning a free college degree while you work is not impossible to do. As long as you are truly bent on attaining your ambition, everything is doable. Best of luck!


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