How To File a Complaint with the Post Office

The USPS is a bureaucratic monolith that has an immense impact on the day to day operations of many businesses and personal lives. Every single day, they deliver untold quantities of correspondence and packages, and when one combines so many moving parts in a governmental machine, the process of delivering someone's mail is bound to run into a few hiccups. If the bureaucratic inefficiency known as the USPS has given you problems with your mail, it's about time that you gave them a piece of your mind.

Here are some really simple ways to let them know you're not happy with their service:

One way to file a complaint is by using your phone to get to the USPS. The most convenient method of giving voice to your pain is by ringing up their twenty-four seven, on-call operator. It's actually quite easy to file a complaint with the Post Office. Just dial 1-800-ASK-USPS to get in touch with an authorized representative. But before you make that call, make absolutely certain that you are thoroughly familiar with the particulars pertinent to your problem before you pick up the phone. Your experience can go much more smoothly if you have all the relevant names, dates, and addresses close at hand.

However if you contact USPS after regular business hours, your call will be processed by an automated pre-scripted program. You will have the ability to leave a message about the complaint. A customer service operator should get back to you later and talk to you about your complaint.

Under normal circumstances, it takes the Post Office around twenty-four hours to contact you about your complaint. Once you have shared the details of your complaint with the USPS client care specialist, any other agencies involved will be contacted officially. Every post office is also within the responsibility of a postal district, and so the corresponding one will also be drawn into the situation. This step is particularly crucial if you think that your complaints have not been given the time of day, or not been afforded the respect that it deserves.

After customer care has made contact with the branch in question, they are obligated to reply to the customer as well as to their superior District within a 24 hour period declaring how they plan to address the complaint. This time frame window is monitored and strictly implemented, so it makes sure on your behalf that at least a few appropriate measures will be set in motion. The reply by your branch will be studied to make sure that steps implemented really resolved the complaint according to law and precedent.

Another way to file your complaint is via email. If case you are not interested in contacting 1-800-ASK-USPS, an alternative is to reach their care hotline via email. You can simply visit the website at Look at the front page near the footer and you should spot a hyperlink that reads CUSTOMER SERVICE. Navigate that link and you shall be directed to their contact page, where you will be able to enter your complaint.


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