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One trait common to most Filipinos is their love for food. With unique traditional foods, their colonization from almost all races in the world makes food interesting for them, and even for other nationalities. This is one of the reasons why many Filipinos are interested in cooking, thus going into culinary arts schools has become popular. Though most of the recipes can be learned within the four walls of the kitchen, many people still want to widen their knowledge in cooking by enrolling in a cooking school. In the Philippines, a lot of chef schools are on the rise. They not only cater to Philippine culinary education but to other country's cuisine as well.

Admittedly, enrolling in a culinary arts academy in the Philippines is expensive and most people can't afford it. With this fact, many enthusiasts just attend some culinary classes that are either free or have a minimal fee. However, for those people determined enough to learn or who have a real passion for cooking, getting a culinary education is a must.

If you are interested in looking for a chef school in the Philippines, there are actually a lot of guidelines you need to follow. It's basically just the same thing as finding a culinary school in Chicago and New York. Here's how to take cooking courses at a culinary arts school in the Philippines.

  1. Location - Since there are a lot of cooking schools in the country, you should consider the one nearest to your location. The country may not be big enough but its geographical characteristics make traveling time-consuming.
  2. Cuisine - Know what kind of food you want to gain expertise with and then check out a culinary academy that caters to that. For example if you want to learn more about pastries, the class from Heny Sison is a good option. Heny Sison is a Filipino chef with expertise in pastries and other types of foods.
  3. Budget - Check out how much you can invest in the culinary education you want to have. Yes, there are a lot of schools there but they differ in their rates.

You may be wondering how you find the best cooking school. You may check the local directory and the Internet for details. The Internet will give out the details about the location, fees and classes catered by the featured school.

Here are some culinary schools in the Philippines:

  1. Center for Culinary Arts, Manila Location: Quezon City Programs Offered: Culinary and Baking-Pastry Arts
  2. International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management Location: Quezon City Programs Offered: Culinary and Pastry Arts
  3. International Culinary Arts Academy Location: Cebu City Programs Offered: Culinary Arts Chef Program
  4. Iontercity College of Science and Technology Location: Davao City Programs Offered: HRM
  5. American Hospitality Academy Philippines Location: Makati City Programs Offered: Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship

These are just some of the schools for cooking in the Philippines. You can still find more in online directories. You just need to do research first as to which culinary school is best for you. You don't actually need to go some place else, like New York, Chicago or Milan to gain culinary knowledge. The Philippines has these culinary academies as well.


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