How To Find a Psychology PhD Program in California Universities

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Of all the degree programs that you can get in the university, one of the most popular is psychology. Psychology has grown in popularity because of the many employment opportunities around this field. You can work for nongovernmental organizations, for schools and universities where student guidance counseling is required, and even the human resources department in various companies and corporations. Almost every discipline and field today has graduate school extension programs that will give you a PhD program ranging from PhD in Accounting to PhD in law. If you live in California, here are some of the PhD schools that you can apply to for a PhD program in psychology.

Palo Alto University. Palo Alto is one of best in business when it comes to creating professional clinical psychologists. The university aims to create committed and well rounded individuals who can contribute not only the particular discipline of psychology but also to society in general. One of the best assets that the Palo Alto University has is its faculty. The faculty has won many awards because of their outstanding researches and great experience on field. The University also provides clinical practices, research mentoring, and excellent classroom discussions and lectures to ensure that the future psychologists are able to study the course using a multi-faceted approach suitable for professionals who deal with multi-faceted subjects – the human psyche.

Brandman University. For working psychologists who want to follow up their bachelor’s degree in psychology with a PhD, the Brandman University is one of the top choices. Knowing that many professionals lack the time to engage in full-time classroom lectures, Brandman offers various approaches in education to promote easy and hassle-free psychology lessons. Brandman, which has a long history of excellent educational services, provides online PhD classes and distance PhD learning modules that provide the type of flexibility which young graduates need. Perfect for working students, Brandman applications are available online as well.

Pacifica Graduate Institute. Another university which offers flexible classes and learning techniques is the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Focused on psychology based graduate study programs, Pacifica has campuses in Santa Barbara. Apart from graduate studies in Psychology, the University also offers degree programs in Depth Psychology, Humanities, and even Mythological Studies. The faculty is adept at handling distance learning and is known for their superb modules that will ensure easy learning no matter where the students are working.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The University is one of the oldest educational institutions with a focus on psychology, which ensures that you are working with one of the psychological institutions in the country. The school has a campus in Irvine. The school focuses on integrating theory with practice through practicum vis-à-vis classroom learning experiences. The University is also has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and has received various awards for its dedicated service and quality education.

If you want to improve your standing in the field of psychology, start by earning a degree in psychology. Check out the requirements for these California graduate schools and start working on your application. Whether you want classroom discussions or online lectures, these schools will be able to provide you with a program tailored to your lifestyle.


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