How To Find Courses on Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapy

Because of stressful everyday living, people instinctively yearn for relaxation therapy every now and then. Indeed, there is nothing more relaxing than stretching out on a comfortable bed with a well trained masseuse to take care of aching muscles and constricted veins.

With its increasing demand and patronage, massage therapy has grown to be a lucrative means of livelihood. However, not everybody can give a massage, as it is a learned skill that requires training and practice.

Many people who are interested in taking up courses in relaxation therapy are at a loss as to where they can obtain proper training and education in this line of work. Since relaxation therapy is not considered to be academic in nature, the chance of finding a college or university that offers said courses is very slim.

To help those who are interested in taking up relaxation therapy courses, you can try any of the following institutes and training centers:

  1. Ashland Institute of Massage. This training center is relatively small but claims to have a big vision in providing education and honing the skills of dedicated individuals. It provides a complete program in a 650-hour course intended to aid you in obtaining a well-rounded training curriculum that can help you shape your career as a professional massage therapy provider. Ashland Institute of Massage is found in Rouge Valley in southwestern Oregon.
  2. American Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is fast gaining popularity among those who want to experience complete physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. The American Institute of Clinical Hypnosis is offering a special course on hypnotherapy to train career-oriented people in teaching techniques on focused relaxation. Hypnotherapy courses can be obtained both online or from actual classroom sessions.
  3. Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy Schools. An accredited and recognized massage school by the United States Department of Education, Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy Schools is a group of massage schools that offers a comprehensive and holistic program to help the students become ready for the challenging work in hospitals, clinics, massage parlors, spas and resorts. And since they take pride in their accreditation, graduates from these schools have better opportunities to land profitable jobs than those who attended non-accredited institutions.
  4. Spa Tech Institute. Based in Maine and Massachusetts, this institute offers an holistic program in massage careers and employs a line of professional teachers who base their instruction on the Polarity Realization Institute curriculum. Students from overseas should secure study visas or green cards on their own before they can qualify to study in this school.
  5. Stratford Distance Learning. This learning institution is the answer to people who want to earn a diploma in relaxation therapy courses but don’t have time to personally attend classroom sessions. Among the varied topics taught by Stratford Distance Learning are: relaxation techniques and procedures, stress relief, anxiety management, massage techniques, stretching, hydrotherapy, conflict resolution, visualization, different styles of massage treatment and many more. Learning materials are sent personally to the students’ mailing addresses. Duration of programs extend from six months up to two years depending on the curriculum of your choice.

Courses in relaxation therapy are very useful not only for livelihood purposes but for personal need as well. Hopefully more schools, including legitimate degree colleges and universities, will start offering courses in this field very soon.  


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