How To Find Education Technology Grants

Education technology grants are one of the essential ways to allow people to study education technology on a budget. More and more people are making a career out of education technology and with good reason. It's new, it's hot and it's definitely useful especially with the increasing demands imposed on technology education, which is needed by various industries in improving and enhancing their products, production lines, and the technologies that they incorporate into their goods and services. There are many available sources of education technology grants, including public government, private and research competitions. Here are ways to find education technology grants.

  1. Search for companies focused on technology education. If you are planning to be more specific for education technology grants, you can proceed by taking a good look at companies that have the same interest of harnessing technology for education's overall improvement. These companies can either support you directly or point you to places or avenues that can help get the specific funding that you need. One example is the offering of HP grants to K-12 and K-16 students.
  2. Check for technology grant news. Checking the recent technology grant news also helps you get updated with the available grants for each particular season. One good website to check out is Technology Grant News which will keep you constantly updated on the grants available. Not only will they give you the latest news and existing grants, they will also provide you with information on the requirements of certain technology grants from different companies, as well as the number of other applicants.
  3. Check the Department of Education. The US Department of Education also has its own websites for education technology grants. It is the hub of all the available technology grants you can acquire in the US. This is very useful especially if you want direct link to granting agencies and institutions. General application for grants can also be seen at website.  When searching, make sure that you specify the agency where you want to get funding, to help you narrow down the search.
  4. Eligibility. Eligibility for technology grants is the primary consideration when you are trying to find one. A nomination from a foundation member is usually one of the first requirements. Foundation for Rural Education and Development, for example, needs documentary proof of your eligibility so that you will be able to get one of their available grants. The requirement imposed by each funding center varies according to the extent of coverage of your technology grant.
  5. Get exemplary credentials. One thing to remember is that competition is cutthroat when it comes to education technology grants. You need to have exemplary credentials to back up your claims of being eligible for a grant. You might find it useful to talk to people who are already known experts in the field, and you may also find it very helpful if you are already able to take advanced units or seminars on some specific courses that you will need for education technology so that the grant fund source will find you enthusiastic and genuinely involved in their vision or field.

Online applications are really easy these days for technology grants. If you go to the main websites of your technology grant sources, there will be links that will guide you as you make your online application. Having a technology grant proposal handy is also a good way to help speed up your application process.


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