How To Find Educational Consultancy Services Overseas

An educational consultancy is a company that aids students, parents and teachers in making the right decisions when it comes to overseas education and other learning opportunities abroad. An educational consultancy service studies a student's needs and provides the resources in order for the student to enter in different courses that are suited for them abroad. There are a lot of educational consultancy services that provide services all over the world.

One way you can find educational consultancy services abroad is by researching online. Educational consultancy services have official websites where you can get all the information you need. Here are some of the websites of the best educational consultancy companies that are based abroad:

  • Global Education Consultancy Services. Global Education Consultancy Services is a consultancy firm that aids students in getting the right education abroad. This firm can help students find courses in countries, such as USA, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Some of the services of this company include proficiency tests, language tests, VISA processing and help in getting bank loans.
  • Siddhi Overseas. Siddhi Overseas is an international education consultant company. This educational overseas company provides quality and quick service when it comes to processing papers and admission applications. Some of the universities that the company represents include the Florida Air Academy, University of Glasgow, Pattison College, Middlesex University and a lot more. Some of the areas of study include Biotechnology, Art and Design, Law, Doctorate Studies and Management.
  • Phil Moss Consulting. Phil Moss Consulting is an organization that provides their services to students, universities and different organizations. This organization was established in 2007 by Phil Moss. It aims to provide students and individuals to find learning environments that will bring out the best of their talents and capabilities.
  • Excel Educational Consultancy. This educational consultancy provides opportunities for people to study in India and other countries, such as Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and USA. This consultancy aids people in getting into famous engineering schools, nursing schools, medical schools, physiotherapy schools, hotel management colleges and much more.
  • Landmark Educational Consultancy Center. This center has been providing services for seven years. They have contacts in over sixty universities and colleges around the world. The center’s services include conducting of different tests in preparation for overseas studies.
  • C21 Educational Consultancy. C21 Educational Consultancy has been in the business for a decade. They are known for providing opportunities for students to enter international educational programs. To know more about their services, you can visit the official website.

These are some of the websites of educational consultancy services abroad. These firms provide a way for students to be able to increase their knowledge and grow in their respective fields. If you want to study abroad, it is advisable to seek help from educational consultancies so that you can be briefed on all the necessary documents needed. They will also help you with passing application forms, taking necessary tests and determining which field is perfect for you.


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