How To Find Multiplication Worksheets

Many students today are having trouble with their studies, particularly in the field of Mathematics.  Even a number of brilliant students who excel in other subjects tend to shrink away from Math, believing that they do not need to concentrate on the subject as long as they are equipped with the basics - addition, multiplication, division, subtraction. Why students and even graduates think that it is incredibly difficult is due to the mentality embraced since childhood that they hate Math. Studies show that many young children today think that it is the most difficult subject. Others think it is simply torture, believing that they do not need it once they pursue careers unrelated to the field of Math.

Because of these observations, parents, teachers and academic institutions should find means to inculcate into children's young minds the importance of Math in education and in all aspects of life. Their perception of Math being a grueling subject should be transformed into something fun, cool and recreational. For this reason, a lot of educational programs have created innovative approaches to make Math particularly exciting for kids. For instance, learning multiplication techniques is encouraged in children through interactive games and creative worksheets, as compared to the traditional charts and tables.

If you have a child who is beginning to learn multiplication, introduce modern measures that are found to be effective in gearing kids to love multiplying numbers. As a matter of fact, a lot of resources are now available even for babies! You can find educational toys that instill multiplication techniques in children from a very young age. Multiplication Rock, for example, is a perfect tool for kids who love to sing along with upbeat music providing multiplication facts. Music is a fun avenue for developing an accurate memory for multiplication. Even older students will find it enjoyable and practically useful. Some tips are worth considering if you want to help your child love multiplication and not hate Math.

  1. Give your child multiplication worksheets according to his interests. For instance, if your child loves animals, you can provide him a worksheet that illustrates animals of different species. Your child will enjoy answering multiplication problems if his interests are involved in the worksheet. If your child loves adventure, cartoons, automobiles, fairy tales, and whatever else he is passionate about, find worksheets that illustrate his objects of enthusiasm.
  2. Find worksheets that suit your child's age. Children's attention spans are usually short. It varies with age, but typically younger ones get easily bored. Make sure you find the worksheet that is designed for your child's age so he will neither find the activity too hard nor so easy that his attention would shift to other interests.
  3. Always check your child's progress. You will know if your child needs improvement or assistance if you keep regular monitoring of his development. That way, you will have an idea what to particularly look for in a worksheet or if he needs other help in the form of interactive games, charts and other fun resources. 

The Internet provides plenty of multiplication worksheets for kids of different ages. Examples are Cool Math 4 Kids, Super Kids, Multiplication for Kids, and Resources for parents and teachers alike are provided on these sites in order to engage children in fun activities, thereby encouraging kids in enjoying Math.


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