How To Find Sample Templates for a Grant Application

Applying for a grant

It's not actually your IQ or society status that will dictate whether you can get a good education or not - it's all in your hands. As long as you are determined, you can be educated in the field you want with a grant scholarship. All you have to do is be qualified for the student grant. However, expect that eligibility and requirements will differ.

If this will be your first time writing a grant foundation application, seek grant assistance from someone you know. Maybe this someone was awarded an education grant or grant scholarship. You may also ask the student grant organizer to give you some tips.

But if there is a foundation application form, then there is no need for that anymore. It's just that some sponsors are requiring applicants to submit written grant applications. In that case, reading a sample or better yet, having a template of a grant application is better.

For that, here are some ways for you to find great sample templates for a grant application:

  • The grantors - Some grantors give applicants a sample template of their desired grant application - especially if they want all of them to have a uniform format. You're very lucky if the grantor does that because that's a very good signal that the scholarship is not that hard-to-get, unlike other scholarship grants that have strict guidelines to follow and requirements needed.
  • Other applicants - It may be almost impossible, but if you and another applicant help each other, then that will increase your chance to be granted a scholarship. For that, you can ask this other applicant for a sample template to follow if he has that. However, you can't be sure if this sample template will be very helpful unless you're confident that it was intelligently written.
  • Former granted scholarship applicants - If you are friends with a scholar, then you can consider following the grant application he made. With this, you can be confident that the application is effective and can really be helpful.
  • Online templates - Web sites like,,,, and are offering scholarships and they also provide templates for grant application. You may use any of these templates as long as what you'll use will be relevant to the scholarship you will be applying for.

You may also visit your favorite file hosting Web site and search for a grant application template there. Wikipedia also has a downloadable free template. Torrent downloads may be helpful also but be extra careful when downloading through a torrent because this is a vulnerable passageway for malwares.

With these sources, you can get the best sample templates for a grant application. However, what if you are not that good at expressing your thoughts through writing or that you don't have the luxury of time to write a grant application? For that, you can use services of freelance grant writers like GrantWritersOnline. You just need to pay and your effective grant application will be on the process and will arrive to you neat and well-written.

A grant application can sometimes make or break your grant proposal. That is why you should make sure that your grant application will stand out - no matter what it takes.


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