How To Find Student Insurance Plans

As a student going through your scholarly life, you think you wouldn’t need student insurance, don’t you? Well, unless your family is already covered by group insurance, chances are you’re going to need a policy as well, given the many accidents and untoward incidents you may face as a student (especially if your course requires a lot of field or machine work). In finding student insurance plans, try to begin with the one closest to you—your parents. If you still can’t find it through them, then you may inquire with your school about the coverage they may provide, or receive recommendations from them instead.

  1. Search your usual search engines. One of the widest resources of information is the Web, and there’s no better place to start searching about student insurance plans than your everyday search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Simply input the keywords “student health insurance plans” in the search field, and you will be presented with all the possible places to acquire student coverage. Be careful, however, about bogus sites that turn up in the search engine, because they tend to swindle you of your money.
  2. Browse through the catalogs of insurance companies. If you live near downtown, then maybe you can walk around the block and enter the shops of different insurance companies and inquire about their catalogs. Most insurance companies carry student insurance as part of their services. The best thing about this method is that you get to ask around and consult the insurance companies about the details of the coverage.
  3. Ask an insurance agent. Insurance agents may not be the easiest people on earth, but they can very well assist you in your search for student insurance. The good thing about insurance agents is they cannot only answer your questions; they can also assist you with processing your papers as well.
  4. Consult your school guidance officer or administrator. Your school guidance officer or administrator is the one who usually communicates with other companies for student-related concerns that do not involve the academy. Go to your administrator’s office and see if he has brochures and leaflets regarding student insurance, medical insurance and life insurance offerings by reputable companies.
  5. Ask your parents if their coverage can be supplemented. Most health insurance coverage provided by employers can be supplemented or extended to cover the employee's children as well. Ask about your parents' coverage to see if it can be extended to you. If not, then you might get student coverage from the same company as theirs instead.

Finding insurance coverage that will suit your exact needs isn’t easy, so make sure to ask help from the ones who are more knowledgeable about it, like your parents. If you have friends who already have student coverage, then ask them about their plans so that you’ll be able to compare them with what you already know.


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