How To Find the Best Junior College

When you plan for a career and your future you naturally want to find the best resources that are available to you. Here's how to find the best junior college.

  1. Decide to attend a junior college. The term "junior college" is also known as "community college" in the United States. Junior college was the old term used to describe a two year educational institution and this was later replaced with community college, although junior college is still being used at present. A community college is also known as a technical college where students enroll in junior classes for a period of two years, and then they have the option of going on to other colleges and universities after graduation to pursue a bachelor's degree.
  2. Find junior colleges in your area. Locate junior colleges in your immediate area through the Internet. Make a list of the ones you find and put the ones closest where you live on the top of the list. You can ask local officials too if they know of junior colleges within your district. There are public and private junior colleges so it will depend on your resources which one you'll favor.
  3. Decide on a course. Even before looking for the best junior college you can enroll at, you should decide on a course first. Plan your career ahead of time but prepare for changes. Sometimes the course you initially pick isn't what you want later on so having second options will prepare you for those changes.
  4. Ask family and friends. You can ask your family what their experiences were when preparing for college and looking for the best junior college that corresponded to their plans. You will get recommendations from your parents or relatives so write them down and also make sure to ask why they pick that particular junior college to go to. Your friends may have similar plans so you can get together and discuss the junior colleges in each of your lists and weigh the pros and cons.
  5. Prepare questions to ask junior college administrators. Make a list of what you expect from a junior college so you can match them with the information you will find. You can prepare questions to ask school administrators or officials about the school when you go there to visit and observe. At campus visits, look for the available amenities like computers for students to use, a well equipped library, study areas and canteen. See if each item meets your standards and make short notes on your list.

The best junior college for you would be the one that meets with your criteria. Some of these considerations should also be met such as standard of education, quality of teaching, location and affordability.


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