How To Find the Best Study Abroad or International Program

The best way to find an international program is to look at a college or university's handbook under overseas programs or study abroad curricula.  Some private colleges like Westminster in Pennsylvania offer the best in study abroad programs.  The best international programs are offered by accredited colleges or universities who offer a liberal arts educational required curriculum.  The broad range of classes that all would-be graduates must take leads them to make a knowledge-based decision on their eventual major.  These colleges are the best place to look for the best study abroad or international program.

Colleges that have an international program also have a viable foreign language department.  Students in these accredited colleges must meet the foreign language requirement to graduate.  The language learned as a second language may be in any international language such as French or English.  Students who are qualified for an international program from a college like Westminster, have shown proficiency in a second language, and their application for an international program is handled by their advisors.  Colleges who have study abroad programs and offer college credit for the classes have already filed an international application with the host international college with which they are interacting and sending their student to study.

Westminster College has an international foundation grant.  These grants are to be used by students who meet the standards of the college.  Students at Westminster can spend a semester studying at Oxford.  International grants offered by the college through their international foundation monies are made available to students who fill out an international application to study abroad. If a student chooses to complete his education abroad, he has the option of applying to a college overseas and transfering credits to become an international graduate.  If a student decides to get a degree in international law or international relations, he would have to find a college that offers those areas of study.

For a student to decide to live and to study overseas without making arrangements with a college in the United States, he  might run the risk of having his degree questioned and having to repeat the process in the United States.  International programs that offer college credit are under the supervision of schools accredited in those areas.  A college graduate coming from abroad may find himself working to find a college that will accept his credentials as an international graduate.


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