How To Find Universities Offering Liberal Arts Programs Online

Liberal arts is the general term for a group of subjects and topics that are meant to improve the rational thinking of a student through the introduction of various disciplines, particularly in the field of humanities. Among the topics included under this course are the bodies of knowledge of science, literature, language, history, art and even music. These types of topics enrich a student’s wealth of knowledge and experience and allow one to be a very well-rounded individual.

With the Internet becoming a more and more ubiquitous tool for education, many universities and colleges have started offering liberal arts courses for students who intend to get a degree by receiving instruction through computers. The Internet is an excellent avenue for learning. For students who can stay motivated without much pressure from a teacher or a professor, taking a course online would be similar to receiving instruction from a university or any college in the United States that offers liberal arts programs.

Here are a few universities that offer comprehensive and generally recognized liberal studies programs.

  • The University of Phoenix in Arizona offers an online general studies degree. Through the curriculum, a student is said to be adequately trained with the various concepts that govern liberal arts, as well as the integration of other topics that would enrich one’s baseline of knowledge. Aside from this, the program also aims to foster strong foundation in a student’s language skills. Students are trained to have a superior level of communication skills. This is often done through repeated written examinations.
  • Argosy University similarly offers a liberal arts degree based on a program exclusively designed for the Internet. This university prides itself in combining the basics of liberal studies with more advanced topics that a student might consider, should one decide to pursue a post-graduate degree later on.
  • Boston University is one of the most respected schools in the country, and the same could be said for their completion course for interdisciplinary studies. This program was designed for people who are too busy to go to school on a regular basis, such as professionals. With a part-time degree meant to accommodate those who have financial commitments due to work or family, this program from the Boston University gives an opportunity to students who have little time to attend classes during regular hours.

Online courses in liberal arts would usually take the same amount of time as a regular program—usually anywhere from two to four years, depending on the intensity of study, and the number of units that one takes in a semester. As with any classroom experience, students are expected to regularly “attend” classes online, submit work on time, and interact with professors and fellow classmates through the online interface.

It is very fitting that universities around the country are offering liberal arts courses as online degrees. For one, the Internet involves several mediums, which would be considered as covered under the liberal arts. Online programs afford busy professionals, parents, or individuals situated offshore or in remote locations higher learning from reputable institutions.


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