How To Get a Copy of Your College Transcript

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Many different situations require that you have a copy of your college transcript, especially if you’re planning to transfer colleges. If you know where to look, it’s not too hard to get a copy.

The first thing you’ll have to do is find the official website for your college. The web address is usually some variety of the college’s name. If you’re not completely sure what it is then use a search engine such as Yahoo or Google and type the school’s name in the box. The first website is usually the school’s official website.

Once at the website, it might take a little bit of searching to find the transcript page. Keep in mind that college transcripts are handled solely by the registrar, so transcript information should be under the registrar link. Some colleges have the registrar link on the home page, in which case it’s easy to find. If, however, the registrar link is not easily accessible then check to see if there is a link for current students. This will usually lead to links about academic affairs, including the link to the registrar.

Each college has a different method of going about requesting a copy of your transcript, so be sure to read your particular college’s methods carefully. Usually you can print out a transcript request form and mail it in; then, the college will mail the transcript to the address you requested. Sometimes there is a fee involved in getting a copy of a transcript, though some colleges do not require any fee. Be sure to check whether your college has one.

If you keep looking and just can’t find any link to the registrar no matter how you try, simply go back to your search engine and type your college’s name and then the word ‘registrar’ in the search box. This will usually bring up the direct link to the registrar’s page as one of the top links.

Keep in mind that if the transcript requires a fee then that’s the only way to get a transcript. You can’t just see your student transcript and print it. That would be an unofficial student transcript and places that require your transcript will not accept this as a legitimate document. Generally the fees are reasonable, between $10-$25.

If you have other questions about how your school deals with transcripts or about specifics, your school's website should give the number to contact your registrar's office, where they would be able to further assist you.


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