How To Get a Degree in Experiential Education

Experiential education is the type of learning where the students are immersed in different environments to experience things first-hand. This is best for those people who have a better response when experiencing rather than learning inside the classroom. There are fun jobs that you can take when you have a degree in experiential education. You can take jobs in summer camps, special education schools, vacation spots and lots more. In order to get a degree in experiential education, you must fulfill all the requirements in a school that offers the course.

Here are some of the best schools that offer degrees in experiential education:

  1. Minnesota State University, Mankato. This university offers a Master of Science degree in Experiential Education. This is considered as one of the first schools to offer experiential education as a degree in the United States. This degree program in the university does not only encourage adventure education. After getting the degree, you will have the chance to work in outdoor activities, formal classroom teaching, administration work and even psychological work.
  2. Idaho State University. Idaho State University has an experiential approach education degree that is also called the outdoor education program. This is one of the best schools to get your degree in experiential education, as it is the location for some of the most well known outdoor resources. Some of these include the Wasatch Mountains, Yellowstone National Park and the City of Rocks. You will also be able to take mountaineering courses and kayaking courses. These are experiential training courses that will be useful for you in the future.
  3. Brevard College. This school has a Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education Program. This program will be very helpful in building your character as a good leader that will be able to lead a group and teach outdoor instructional education. If you get a degree from this college, rest assured that you will not only be a great leader but you will also have good qualities, such as respect for others, independence and responsibility.
  4. Ferris State University. This university offers a Masters Education Degree in Experiential Education. This is for those people who have already graduated and have a degree in an education program. The course has 36 units. Some of the subjects that you are going to learn from this curriculum are the environment, organizational leadership skills and outdoor or nature education.

These are some of the best schools that offer degree courses on experiential education. If you are planning to take a course on this concentration, it is best if you visit the different websites of these schools to know more about their curriculum and the lessons that they offer. You can also look into online learning opportunities. Once you have gained a degree for experiential education, you will be able to apply to different jobs and use what you have learned in school.

Experiential education jobs are among the most fun jobs you could ever have. You will be able to have fun and impart the things that you have learned to others. If you love the outdoors, this is a course that you will surely enjoy.


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