How To Get a GED

These days it’s getting harder and harder to get a good job without a high school education. Potential employers don’t take into consideration any of the number of reasons why you didn’t finish school or that you were young and may have made a bad decision. All they want is that piece of paper. Improve your chances and your pay by getting your GED.

  1. Review the benefits of taking the test. The GED or General Educational Development test consists of five tests created by the American Council on Education that measure high school level skills. Passing the five tests awards a certificate or diploma equivalent to a high school diploma. The GED is accepted as equivalent at more than 90% of American colleges and universities. Plus more than 90% of companies that require a high school diploma accept the GED as meeting that requirement.
  2. Check your local school district for requirements. Each state and district may have different requirements. Some add an English language skills test or have higher standards for what qualifies as a passing score.
  3. Find a testing center. The test must be administered at an authorized testing center. There are many available across the country so check your local school district. The GED is not available online so don’t be fooled by websites that offer the test. You may get samples and practice tests online but not the certification test.
  4. Sign up for a study course. More students pass the GED when they allow adequate time for preparation. Signing up for a course will help you get that time and the classroom atmosphere will help focus your learning on the material you need to know.
  5. Study for each test. Allow enough time to prepare for the test. According to the American Council on Education only 60% of graduating high school seniors would pass the test on their first try so it is not an easy test. The five exams cover Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. Don’t try to do it all at once. The five exams would take over seven hours of test time. Prepare for the exams one at a time.
  6. Take a practice exam. Many test takers found high school difficult because of the tests. Overcome your test anxiety by practicing for each exam. Building your confidence will make test day a little easier.
  7. Keep trying until you pass the entire series. It may take time to get through all the tests because your life is busy and full. Be patient and allow yourself enough preparation time then start taking the tests until you complete the course and get your GED.

Getting a GED is not the cakewalk some people expect. It requires time, patience and a lot of hard work but the benefits for the future of you and your family are well worth it.


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