How To Get a Great Price on Spanish Pimsleur

Have you ever wanted to speak Spanish but could not afford the time nor attend classes? Sure, there are a lot of classes that offer “Speak Spanish in 15 Days” anywhere, but most of them charge an arm and a leg. And to make matters worse, how sure are you that you will be able to speak the language in that given frame of time? You might be throwing away your hard-earned money over some lessons you can’t afford and can’t absorb quickly. The Pimsleur method, which is in audio CD format, offers Spanish lessons that you can do at the comfort of your own home. Now you may wonder how much it costs and if you can indeed afford it. Well look no further, because below are tips and ideas on how you may be able to get a great deal on a Spanish Pimsleur.

  • Buy directly. You can order straight from their website and have it brought to you. Prices are commonly marked down at times to attract more customers. In order to avoid hassles, buying straight from the source guarantees a good product. You can visit the website at to check if the Spanish Pimsleur has its price marked down from the original price.
  • Other websites. Besides ordering from the source, other websites offer the Spanish Pimsleur for sale as well. Third party distributors can offer the product at a lower price than concrete stores, since operating expenses are not much of a factor when selling online. Another tip is to look for a person that has owned the product and is selling it as a previously owned item online. If you aren’t that finicky with second hand items, then this is something to consider as well. Used items definitely sell for a lower price than brand new ones, of course. There could be a risk for some damage, but if the seller has credibility you have nothing to worry about. You can visit websites such as and to browse on the Spanish Pimsleur.
  • Download. A great way to get a bargain is to download the Spanish Pimsleur from the Internet. You can save a hefty sum by saving it on your computer rather than buy an actual CD. Online stores such as and offer Spanish Pimsleur downloads for a smaller price.
  • Check your local store. You could also check your local bookstore or record store for Spanish Pimsleurs that might be on sale. Often, these stores offer great prices on items that are either new, on promo, or on sale. Since the Pimsleur Method is a popular brand amongst educational audio merchandise, it isn’t that difficult to find.

In conclusion, the Spanish Pimsleur is a great and easy way to learn the language. But on a limited budget, only a fool would buy the item full price. With the information given to you, there are now ways that you can learn the Spanish language without having to spend a lot of money. Good luck!


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