How To Get a Scholarship to Film School

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So, you want to be a filmmaker? Do you aspire to make award-worthy feature-length films, short films, independent films, or documentaries? Making the decision to attend film school and finding your ideal school may be easy, but the tricky part comes once you decide to get a scholarship. Film scholarships are not only difficult to get, you also only get to choose from a few offerings, and at the same time, competition from this limited supply of scholarships is really fierce.

It's not enough for a potential candidate to possess determination and perseverance alone. You should also possess a great talent and a deep-rooted love for films and the process that goes into making them. You would need a lot of luck, since most institutions that offer scholarships only give them to the best, the most talented, and the most qualified students.

Here's some useful information on how to get a scholarship to film school.

  1. Engage in exhaustive reviews of school admissions catalogs and film school websites. Or if you are already accepted to a film school, inquire about their scholarship and financial aid options. Full film scholarships are rare. Some offer partial and small value scholarships, while some offer individual scholarships for a particular film course. Still, it doesn't hurt to inquire and do some research. The website of Film Schools provides a list of film institutes in Los Angeles, California (the home of Hollywood), New York, Chicago, etc. The New York Film Academy, which is also a notable acting school, was named by top filmmakers as the best hands-on film school in the world. The film academy is currently offering a Brett Ratner $15,000 tuition grant. Visit their website at, and you can download the tuition grant application form from the website. Yearly, the University of Texas at Austin offers half a dozen scholarships to students enrolled in the Department of Radio, Film, and Television. Also, the Digital Film Academy is currently offering a $2500 film school scholarship. When applying for these scholarships, be sure to read all the provided instructions carefully, follow them entirely, and submit all the necessary requirements.
  2. Go to official financial aid search websites. provides a link to a few film institutes offering financial aid. FastWeb, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive search site for scholarships. It provides information on all kinds of scholarships, grants, fellowships, student loans, financial aid, and even contests that give away scholarships. FastWeb gives you the option to search for scholarships at the college and graduate school levels. Some select scholarships are also available to international students. Just browse through their website at

Film school is very costly, and scholarships are rare and hard to get. Competition is fierce. But if you are really determined on getting that scholarship you want, then provide relevant work samples, work on the best portfolio that you can present, and submit all requirements and documents completely and on time. You just might snag that much-coveted scholarship. It all depends on the attitude and the scope of your talents and abilities.


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