How To Get Better Grades

Get Good Grades at School by Following Simple Tips

If you aren't happy with your grades at school and need some tips to better your grades, here they are. Follow them and your grades will improve.

  1. Sleep a lot and well. You need to be rested to pay attention, and a rested mind learns more than a tired one. Also, if you are sleeping in class, it’s impossible for you to learn.
  2. Eat well at morning. Especially milk. Milk makes your memory increase and your brain receive more information, learning more. But don’t eat too much; this will make you feel unwell.
  3. Find a good seat in class. Try to sit where you see both the board and the teacher, so you don’t need to move to pay attention. Also, sit where you can hear the teacher clearly; try to sit away from disruptive students.
  4. Sit in a way you feel comfortable -- not so comfortable that you could fall asleep, but comfortable enough to be able to drive your focus to the teacher only.
  5. Pay attention to the teacher. Don’t talk too much and try not to play with things or think about something else when the teacher is explaining. This is half of the challenge to get good grades. If you understand the content of the class, good grades will follow.
  6. Take notes. Writing helps you remember, and also allows you to review the lesson at your leisure.
  7. Don’t ask questions until you try to make connections. Especially at Math and History, before asking questions, to understand the lesson and make connections for yourself. This will make you think by yourself, not simply absorb what others tell you.
  8. If you don’t understand after trying, then ask questions. LOTS of questions. Until you understand FULLY. Do not go home with questions about the content given.
  9. Do all the exercises and homework. And don’t forget to ask the teacher for help if you couldn’t do an exercise. This is really important for getting good grades.
  10. Study -- a lot. And not just cramming before tests, but instead study everyday. This will make you remember what you have studied and help you to recover something you missed.
  11. Finally, in tests, try to remain calm. Take deep breaths and stay focused on the test. Do not make the careless mistakes; be calm and sure that you know what is asked. This way you will surely get a better grade.

Following these tips is sure to help you improve your grades. You will learn much more. I tested myself and these steps really work; I get the best grades between my classmates. Follow these tips and you will get good grades, too!


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I printed this article for my 15 yr old son. I hope it gives him some inspiration. Thanks!

By Cynthia Willis