How To Get Reliable Scholarship Aid for Studying Abroad

Find a Scholarship for Furthering Your Educational Career

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Scholarship is a short form of referring to education aid or assistantship. This is intended to help scholars or students alike to further or continue their educational careers in life, especially those who have less or no finance but possess good intellectual ability. In the past, scholarship aids were more easily accessible to those living in the big cities of the world, but with the advent of the Internet, this is no longer the case as those from poor and developing nations now have access to both local and international scholarship aids.

Education is a continuous process that has no infinity, depending on one’s desire and target. Obtaining a doctorate of professorate degree does not necessarily mean an end to acquiring more knowledge in life.

In most cases, people are forced to give up their dreams of furthering their educational career, due to financial constraints. And this is why some concerned groups, bodies and individuals have designated their funds to help scholars worldwide who have the intellectual abilities continue their education without many worries.

Despite the advent of the Internet, it has not always been easy for people to find a reliable and genuine scholarship aid online, due to the high proliferation of Internet scam and fraud. I know many of you out there have experienced fraud and lost a large amount of money, while searching for a scholarship online. This is why I was urged to put together this write-up: to assist scholars in finding a reliable scholarship aid online.

As a way of furthering this lesson, I would like you to know that most European universities offer tuition-free education assistantship to most scholars from developing countries. I know of and many others out there. Just search for them using the Web sites I will give you at the end of this article. The countries that are pioneering these programs include Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and others.

  1. Choose a field or course of study, then search for schools that offer scholarship aids for that course. Above all, you must consider the country’s weather climate, economy and living expense. Check whether they suit your adaptability. Will it take you much time to adapt to the conditions there? If yes, don’t go for such scholarship; look for another one in another country entirely.
  2. Discover what the country’s policies and the citizens’ interpersonal relations with foreigners and students are. Are the citizens and students in that school friendly to foreigners? Are their government policies favorable to foreign students as to taxation, health insurance scheme, transportation welfare, work permit? That is very important. You need to be doing menial jobs, to assist you with your personal needs and spending such as buying food, partying, clubbing, shopping, transport fares, taking pictures and picnics, etc.
  3. Consider the country’s language. Can you learn it easily? Do they teach only in their local language? If yes, it will be very difficult for you as a foreign student to cope easily, unless you still want to give it a try.
  4. Consider the ease at which this country (where your university of interest is situated) grants visas and student travel permits to your country’s citizens. Is it one you can afford? Does it take a long time to process? Is the country safe? If the country is not safe, then I advise you to look for another school in a different country.
  5. Know that no scholarship aid pays for your flight and feeding expenses. Therefore, choose wisely. With this in your mind, you must have with you a traveler’s check or credit card worth of at least $2,000 on your departure from your home country.
  6. Research the school’s background and international accreditation. Is their certificate valued internationally by employers? This will give you more chances of securing employment after graduation, which is the major reason of your furthering your education. All this research can be done through the school’s foreign students’ affairs center, liaison office or embassy in your home country.
  7. Know that just because you apply, doesn’t mean you’ll win. Now that you are aware of the things you need to consider when searching for a scholarship aid abroad or at home, it will be wise for me to inform you that not all scholarship applicants are granted scholarship, for many reasons explained below.

  • If you fail to meet their educational qualification requirements.
  • If your grade is not up to the required specification by the scholarship board. Scholarship aid is highly competitive, and as such, the boards seek scholars with high intellectual abilities to take up the position because after your graduation, some might want to keep you on their staff.
  • If your documents are not authentic or seem to be false and forged. Mind you, most of these scholarship boards are gurus, in fact experts, in detecting forged documents and certificates, so be careful. Don’t forge documents.
  • If your scholarship application is made late, or your document submissions, it is likely that you will not be considered for the scholarship.
  • If your cover letter doesn’t let the board know the reason you are seeking scholarship aid. (Keep in mind that the board will ask you to submit with your application a cover letter or a convincing letter.)
  • If your country or region is not eligible for the scholarship.

Try these links. Now are you ready to search for that scholarship you have dreamed for years, now is the right time, follow these links;

This Web site comprises lists of almost all the universities, polytechnics and colleges worldwide. Just login to the site, search either by country or region. Good luck!

This is a well-proven site that publishes a host of worldwide scholarship opportunities in different fields of study; you can sign up with them for a regular spam-free newsletter and updates on new scholarship aids globally.

This is also okay for a scholarship aid search, just visit it and search for yourself.

You can also search the Erasmus Mundus Web site for scholarships. I wish you the best of educational breakthroughs in life. If this article helped you or your friend, please leave me a comment to let me know the information was useful.


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