How To Help Kids Make a Little Picture Dictionary

You want your children to excel in school and learn as much as possible, as soon as possible. What could be more fun for your kids than creating their own little picture dictionary? Working on this project with your child will be rewarding for both of you since your child will feel as though they are accomplishing something wonderful, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing they are doing something educational that they enjoy.

To get started, you will need some paper folded and stapled into a little booklet, some crayons or markers, scissors, magazines and glue. If you aren't very good at drawing, you can cut clip art from a magazine. Cut or draw pictures of things for which you want your child to recognize the name. For example, you cut out a little picture of a doll if you want your child to learn what a doll is or learn the word "doll." The same goes for anything else: teddy bear, microwave, pot, pan, fork, spoon, apple, book, or anything else you want your child to learn. The more clippings from magazines you cut - the better. Or you can simply draw each picture if you wish.

Every picture or clip art you have collected should be laid out on the table for your child to easily point out and pick up. Ask your child to find the picture of the apple, for example. If after a long time your child cannot pick it out, you can help your child find it. Then have your child dab glue on the back and paste it onto one of the dictionary pages. While your child is working on their little gallery, explain the objects which they are pasting. Once the child has pasted the pictures, you can write down the name of the object above or below it.

Continue doing the same procedure of gluing one picture per page, always explaining or talking about the picture. Once your child learns to recognize each picture, it will be time to teach them to read.


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