How To Improve Creative Thinking

With the human brain consisting of millions and millions of interactive cells, scientists argue that every human being has the capacity to be creative. Though apparently, not everyone has the inclination to develop his full creativity potential. The development of creative thinking deeply lies in one’s interest in improving this particular skill. It has long been believed that the right brain hemisphere is responsible for creative thoughts. In actuality, it is a combination of logic, the role of the left brain hemisphere, plus imagination, the function of the right, to achieve that certain level of creative thinking. Below are some pointers on how to improve one’s creativity:

  1. Play. Scientifically, it is said that the brain’s left lobe is responsible for learning numbers, words, analysis, and logic thinking. While the right lobe carries out learning for color, spatial capability, rhythm, shapes, and daydreaming. Contrary to the old belief, it is actually the utilization of both these lobes that result to creative thinking. Playing with one’s thoughts by combining, for example, words with shapes will enhance the integration of your left and right brain’s functionality.
  2. Practice. One can use simple activity games such as crosswords or number puzzles to practice thinking creatively. When one does these things constantly, one increases the usage and growth of the brain’s neurotransmitters. A neurotransmitter is simply what makes up our brain. The more active these transmitters are, the more the brain’s capacity is boosted. This way, the ability of the brain to process when it comes to speed thinking is  improved. Doing these kinds of enhancement activities either as a routine or every once in a while would be most helpful.
  3. Break out. The development of one’s frame of mind may largely be a product of one’s orientation as he grows up. This results to a pre-conceived “mental guideline” on how one should interpret and understand things. This should not dictate boundaries though on one’s thinking frame. In order for one to successfully break out of that limiting mental structure, one has to try thinking out of the box. This is termed as originality of thought. For example, one has a specific perspective on something. Instead of just thinking about it in that one particular manner, one should try coming up with several other ways of interpreting it. One has to open up in entertaining other perspectives from how he sees things. This is also called flexibility of thought.

The two other important keywords for creative thinking are imagination and association. One imagines when he brainstorms, answers idea-generating questions (e.g. what, where, when, why, how), or considers what-if’s. If one is able to associate these thoughts to things that already exist, then one is establishing links and bridging gaps which is certainly creative thinking.

Creative thinking truly is an activity that anyone can do. We are physiologically equipped with a brain that is capable of doing that. One just has to constantly enhance and sharpen creativity by doing things that promote “thought play”.


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