How To Learn Jamaican Slang

Jamaican slang is a language purely spoken. It will not be found on any papers in Jamaica, since their official language there is British English. You cannot read it, but you will hear it everywhere. Jamaican slang is a fusion of Irish, Scots and African influences melded into British English. This patois is not considered to be an official language, but its existence and predominance in the Jamaican culture warrant its importance. It is a fun language to learn, even if you just want to use it in truly understanding some of your favorite Jamaican music. Learning the Jamaican patois is easy; all you need is to know some things.

To learn the lyrical language of Jamaican slang by following some of these tips:

  • Browse the Internet. There are many sources to be found online. You will find various websites, Search for Jamaican slang on your browser. You should see in the results, websites of online dictionaries. Take note of these, since you will be needing these resources in your studies. You can use these dictionaries in translating with some of your favorite Jamaican patois phrases. This will be your first step in learning how to speak Jamaican slang.
  • Decide where to start. You have to decide on something that interests you. It is easier to study something if you are interested in it. Now, when it comes to Jamaican slang, the best way for you to learn is through their songs. Reggae music is full of Jamaican slang. You may understand things a little differently, if you understand what the slang really means. Knowing the slight differences in the things the musicians say may give you the true message of the songs. This subtle understanding may show you the difference of a good song with a great song. This is the importance of knowing what was lost in translation. So, choose a song that you like, and begin from there.
  • Learn more. Speak Jamaican is a website that features a glossary of phrases and words used in Jamaican slang. You can find some articles that may also help. However, remember that this site is there to promote a newsletter and some audio clips. You may opt to register, on not. There are still other websites that are free to use. Urban Dictionary is a website that displays the meaning of slang words, and they have a section on Jamaican slang. You can browse through the entries here to add to your knowledge of Jamaican patois.
  • Practice. Even if you have read all the words and their meanings, you still have to use it in conversations, so you can remember the words and their meanings properly. This will make sure that the use of these words will become second nature to you.

With these tips, you will be well prepared to learn Jamaican slang. However, as it is with everything to be learned, you have to be dedicated in your studies, to learn the language well. Practice all the time. Experiment with new words and phrases every once in a while to keep your vocabulary growing.


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