How To Learn Portuguese with MP3s

Portuguese is a romantic language that originated from Latin. Portuguese is a language used in Brazil, Angola and many other countries. You can learn the Portuguese language by reading Portuguese language books. However, there is only so much you can learn by reading books. In order to hear how to pronounce the words properly, with the right stresses and intonation, you must listen to the language being spoken. You can use MP3s for doing this.

Read on below to know how you can learn Portuguese with the use of MP3s:

  • Learn Portuguese Now! – Purchase Learn Portuguese Now! 10.0 with Audio for your iPod or MP3 Player by Transparent Language, Inc. You can play this instructional video on your computer. It also comes with a program that you can load in your MP3 player so that you can learn Portuguese on the go. This is an interactive tutorial where you will hear people speak the Portuguese language. It will teach beginners how to speak common phrases and words.
  • Learn Portuguese Visual + Audio – This is another training video that you can purchase. Look for Learn Portuguese Visual + Audio Level 1 by Languages on the Go. The instructional package consists of 2 discs that have a total of 69 files. 44 are video files (22 in WMV and 22 in MP4) and there are also 22 mp3 files and eBooks that you can load into your MP3 player so that you can listen to the program while doing other activities. This is good to purchase for beginners who have no background in the Portuguese language.

There are also some websites that you can visit where you can download MP3s of Portuguese language tutorials to load in your iPod or MP3 player. The websites are listed below:

  • – This website shows where you can purchase the iSpeak Portuguese MP3 for your iPod. This is a Portuguese language training program that is especially designed for people who are on the go. It also comes with a booklet. You will need 275 megabytes of free space in your MP3 player for the files.
  • - You can purchase and download MP3 files from this website. This is for people who are finding it hard to learn Portuguese. The subliminal MP3 will help you in retaining information and it can also improve your Portuguese comprehension. This is something that you can purchase in order to boost your learning.
  • - You can download the FSI Programmatic Portuguese Course Digital Edition from this website. This digital edition comes in PDF and MP3 file format so that you can use it with your MP3 player. The package comes in two levels – basic and advanced.

These are some of the sources that you need if you want to learn how to speak the Portuguese language using MP3s. Using MP3 may be better than just reading from books since you can do other things while you are learning the language. Practice everyday to improve your skills in speaking Portuguese.


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