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Many people ask how to do on-the-spot models to endorse their products in such a way that they can guarantee the customers the satisfaction their products would bring. Some say models and sellers successfully pass the test by use of physical appearance. I believe their is just one determining factor with regards to achieving and reaching out to a larger consumer market. The use of voice would be another selling point. The mix up of the two factors would give you higher consumer feedback and you can be pretty sure they'd love to be your favorite buyers of your products.

But first, in order to have more taste in the struggle to convince more people to switch products or exchange one for yours, you must have a well-suited consumer-friendly speech plan. This is the key to persuasion. In order to do this, I have highlighted three (3) main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Here are some points to ponder on before starting with your very own persuasive speech plan:

  1. It is necessary to think of a very explicit yet catchy title or subject.
  2. You should also bear in mind what is your specific purpose. Is it to entice everyone to get a glimpse or your products? Or is it to unconsciously drag them to your pool?
  3. Define your intent. Show them what you want to sell. Or, in the example, what you want to say to them.

With this, you are already prepared to start building your very own speech plan.

The introduction should contain two steps: attention and clarification steps. In the attention step, you try your best to convince everyone what you are talking about, and make sure that they are listening to you no matter what happens. It is in this case that you have appeared entertaining and funny.

The next thing that you should do is to build a gap between what you want to say and what you don't want to say. Make clarifications; have your stand upright. Give them what they really want to hear. By doing so, you are able to strengthen their confidence and trust not only in you, but also in your products.

The bulk of the discussion (of all the things that best describe and support your subject matter clearly and systematically) will be maintained in the body. You have to ensure yourself that your utterances would contain no babbles or gist of nonsense. Have an exchange of ideas. Show eye to eye contact. Communicate with them as if they were already hooked up to what you're saying. Encourage them to buy more of your products (or services) by putting powerful, descriptive, yet unexaggerated words. Reinvent yourself if necessary. With this, I assure you you'll get what you deserve - their loyalty and belief.

Always do not forget that your plan should contain sentence outlines, not too long to be boring and not too short to be fast-paced. Just choose the right length.  Revise. Revise. Revise.

Lastly, make deductions regarding your viewpoints and/or stand concerning the topic matter. Remember that this is your last chance to convince them to buy your products and win this game of persuasion. Conclude as if all efforts are bound to an end, and this end is oriented towards success.

Do take note of the time that would take you to make conversations to a crowd, or maybe to another customer right beside you. Also, please include in your plan the sources which led you to such conclusions. These would prove your credibility and authenticity, not only as a speaker, but also as a seller. With just a little practice in front of the mirror and a boost of confidence, you'll be one successful communicator (and seller, at the same time)

The following is an example of a speech plan I made when I was in the 1st year of college. The views and opinions do not necessarily reflect that of the site owners and the management. Reader discretion is advised.


Title: Text Bomb: An Overhaul

Specific Speech Purposes: To inform everyone of the disadvantages of text messaging and its failure to play a positive role in society as a tool for learning.

Statement: Everyone should be aware that text messaging has evolved and has brought too much change on society today despite its efficiency as a medium for communication.


I)       Attention Step: One of the fads nowadays is text messaging, a great tool for people to be able to communicate with each other, especially in situations wherein a phone call is just unreachable or unsuitable. Texting could help a lot but still its use is being masked by its disadvantages.

II)     Clarification Steps: My speech is entitled "Text Bomb: An Overhaul" for I want to share with you how texting changed people's way of communicating.


I)          The availability of unlimited texting and group messaging stimulates the desire to text.

A.    For text addicts, or should I say for some victims of inbox flooding, it's their own way to compare their message counters which may signify as a giveback, a counterattack, an out ruling or perhaps a sense of overuse of the service to outwit high-profit earning telecommunications companies.

B.     For the receivers, it is an emotional burden to erase irrelevant messages, which somehow provokes them to be arrogant and engage into text bankruptcy.

C.     For the telecommunications companies, it's negligible; they still earn big-time anyway.

D.    It has taught people to keep an outbreak of text scams fooling people and an overflow of unimportant messages (e.g. Hi!, Good Morning!).

E.     Group sending has lowered a person's expectations for emotions evoked by sender.

II.     What one would not know is its impact on different aspects.

A.       "Texters" experience skepticism, fear, irritation, excitement, enthusiasm, profanity, antagonism, and other responses simultaneously as they tend to be more reclined to texting.

B.        Anyone who has tried to text discovers quickly that using grammar and spelling words as it should be is an extremely boring task to perform, thus lowering writing skills.

C.        Texting could endanger one's life (e.g. texting while driving) and limit a person's responses to various situations.

D.       Text messaging destroys relationships (e.g. student-teacher interaction&marriage)

E.        A text's content may gain different perceptions; jokes become taken seriously while earnest responses become neglected, true affection is covered, deep thoughts remain hidden.


Summary Steps: Ladies and gentleman, I present to you this speech because I feel that text messaging has defeated its purpose, to communicate. It has caused an imbalance by use and abuse. Now is the time to realize how worse it had become. Text messaging has been an obstacle to getting linked with the people we want to be with.  Instead of connecting us, it has limited ourselves to interact. Time will come. Everyone would have to intermingle virtually. And so be ready with that.

References: Internet (comments), friends, personal experience, family, relatives' say


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I hope this made sense to each and everyone of you.

By Michael Giles