How To Memorize Medical Terms

Memorizing medical terms is useful even if you are not a nurse or a doctor. One of the fastest growing job options today is medical transcription. If you want to get yourself some money on the side, you can transcribe during your free time. With a little patience in improving your typing skills and with the ability to memorize medical terms, you can easily become a medical transcriptionist. Here how you can make memorizing easier.

  1. Learn the basics. You should start with the fundamentals of medical terminology. Each term will usually have three parts, which will be the prefix at the front, the root at the center, and the suffix at the end of the word. These will all give clues to the type of body part or condition being described in the medical term.
  2. Learn the body views. Another way to easily memorize medical terms is to acquaint yourself with the twelve various ways to view the body. These are the distal, the proximal, the external, the internal, the superior, inferior, the medial, dorsal, ventral, posterior, and the anterior. These body views will give you an idea of the location of whatever is being described in the medical terminology.
  3. Learn the body systems. There are 11 body systems that are referred to in the human body. These are the respiratory, digestive, muscular, skeletal, and various other body systems. Learning the types of body systems will give you an idea of what part of the body is being diagnosed. These body systems are also usually used with suffixes, prefixes, and roots, which will further give you an idea of what part of the body system is being referred to.
  4. Learn the jargon. You should also read up on the various jargon used to refer to various medical procedures, bodily processes, and descriptors. One of the best ways to do this is to read up on medical literature. Subscribe to a magazine on medicine, and read journals. Journals are particularly effective since they will use specialized terms and jargon to describe the studies and researches that are being referred to in the journal.
  5. Break down the words. Once you are acquainted with the suffixes, prefixes, and the roots of the medical terms, one great way for you to practice is by breaking down the words. Get a word list or check out a medical encyclopedia and then try to get the basic meanings of each term just by breaking down the words to their roots, prefixes, and their suffixes.
  6. Create a mnemonic device. You can also create a mnemonic device to help you memorize the terms. Or, you can also use your portable music player to play back recordings of various medical terms with their accompanying meanings and descriptions, to help you memorize while commuting or when you are taking breaks.

With some effort and dedication, getting the various medical terminologies down to pat is possible. With this skill, you can become a medical transcriptionist and earn money on the side by just transcribing medical recordings.


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