How To Obtain Free Foreign Language eBooks

Access eBooks for Computers, Smartphones and PDAs

Learning any foreign language can quickly become expensive if you buy everything that looks interesting. Put your credit card away for awhile. Try this approach instead, once you are ready to tackle real books in the foreign language of your choice.

How to prepare your computer, smartphone, or PDA for reading foreign language books:

  1. Go to (an subsidiary).
  2. Find the "Free Downloads" tab on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Click on "Free Software".
  4. Select the download link for Mobipocket Reader.
  5. Download and install the free software.
  6. Return to the above page.
  7. Select the download link for Mobipocket Creator.
  8. Download and install the free software.
  9. Return to the Mobipocket home page.
  10. Find the "Free Downloads" tab again.
  11. Click on "Download free eBooks".
  12. Select the desired language.
  13. Download the eBooks that interest you.
  14. Read at your leisure, and Mobi will remember where you leave off whenever you exit from your book(s).

Mobipocket provides more than 11,500 free eBooks in over 25 languages.

How to find even more free eBooks:

  1. Go to
  2. Under "Free Books" select the link for "Online Book Catalog".
  3. Choose the foreign language that interests you.
  4. Do an alpha-browse by author or title, or scroll down the page until you see something that interests you.
  5. Select the format you desire. (Some books are already available in mobi format.)
  6. If necessary, use Mobipocket Creator to convert an html, plain text, pdf, or Microsoft Word file to Mobipocket format.

Project Gutenberg has over 28,000 titles in more than 50 languages.

How to find dual-language books:

  1. Try to find both English and foreign language versions at Mobipocket.
  2. Extend the search to if you cannot find both versions at
  3. If necessary, try an online search for the specific title, "free books online", or the equivalent phrase in the foreign language you are learning.
  4. Use Mobipocket Creator to format files.

You should be able to find enough free reading material to keep you occupied for years - and the supply is growing daily.

If you benefited from the tips in this article, be sure to check Kathy's latest book, "Practical and Effective Tips for Learning Foreign Languages". It is an eBook packed with free resources and tips that will save you both money and time.

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