How To Prepare For A Study Abroad Program

A student’s life is never easy, and it is even more difficult if you will have to complete your study in a foreign land. A lot of preparations are needed so you can be sure to go back home with a diploma and a bright future waiting for you. Indeed, the level of your preparedness can determine how ready you are to face all the challenges that studying abroad can give you.
The following are some basic things you need to do before even grabbing that passport and boarding on the plane:

  1. Packing your clothes. Packing your entire cabinet in your big luggage is a bad idea. Who knows, your usual clothes here might be taboo - or at least in bad taste - in the country where you will study. So, before packing your clothes, make sure that you do some research on what clothes are usually worn by the natives there. Going with their trends will keep it from being too obvious that you’re a foreigner. Also pack clothes that will be ideal for your school and course there.
  2. Knowing the country. You should not bother researching the country’s hottest tourist spots or historical places. You will not go there as a tourist, but as a student. Therefore, you will stay longer in that country. It will be helpful to read the most important points in their history and to read up on their culture. Most importantly, read about their laws. You surely don’t want to face legal problems, especially if you are away from home.
  3. Studying their language. Don’t expect that you can graduate abroad without ever knowing even the basics of the language. Before leaving your home country, take online lessons or tutorials to at least master some of their words and sentences. This will be useful not only in living and studying there but in cases when you need to take internships abroad as well. Doing this will also prepare you in communicating with those who can’t speak English.
  4. Preparing for other needs. Other than packing your clothes, studying their language, or knowing about their culture, you should also check other necessary things before leaving. Check the conversion of your money to their local currency, set up your bank account so you can use it there, get an insurance, and find an apartment. The internet or your intended school will be very helpful in finding an apartment and helping you understand local currency. 

Remember, you are not only carrying your own reputation but your country’s reputation as well.  If you act foolishly, people there might think that all of your countrymen are foolish as well. That would surely be a very bad start for your study abroad program. Preparing for your study abroad is the first challenge of being a foreign student. Once you have successfully passed this test, expect that you can pass other challenges as well.


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