How To Pull an All Nighter

We All Do it Eventually

It isn't any secret that attending college is hard! It is a huge adjustment from high school for many reasons. The assignments are more in-depth and complicated, not to mention you will be making new friends and attending social functions! All of these things will surely catch you by surprise when you get that first big assignment. Almost everyone who attends college will face a 10 to 20 page paper at some point, and there isn't any doubt they will procrastinate until the night before it is due to complete it! This will call for the ever famous all nighter! Below you will find several tips on how to have a successful all night study or writing session!

Here are a few suggestions on how to stay up all night and get your assignment done or prepare for your test!

  1. Have all school supplies handy. Before you start to work you will want to make sure you have all of your supplies handy. Let's say you are writing a paper that requires sources. Be sure to head to the library and get all the necessary books you will need for writing. Have a few notebooks for taking notes from the books, as well as your computer ready for typing.  If you are studying for an exam make up flashcards ahead of time or have all of your textbooks ready with specific pages marked before beginning.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes. In order to stay up all night and study or write you have to be comfortable since you will be sitting in the same place for long hours at a time.  Great suggestions are pajama pants or shorts and a favorite comfortable t-shirt.
  3. Have plenty of food and drinks. Snacks and drinks are essential to an all nighter!  If you particularly have a hard time staying awake you may need to go out and buy sodas or coffee. If you feel you'll be able to stay up, sticking to water is a great idea so that you can stay hydrated and refreshed for the studying you are about to take part in. Snacks are very important so choose them wisely!  An all nighter favorite is pizza and many college towns have pizza delivery services until 2 or 3 AM. If pizza isn't your thing you can just as easily obtain chips, cookies, pizza roll snacks, among many other things to ward off your hunger and to keep your hands busy.
  4. Play music. Playing music is a great way to stay up when pulling an all nighter. Turn on your stereo, iPod, or iTunes to your favorite upbeat music to study or write too.  Avoid calm music that might make you sleepy.
  5. Study with a buddy. Pulling an all nighter with a friend is a sure fire way to make sure you stay awake. It is also helpful in allowing you to study quicker. If you have someone to ask you questions and bounce your thoughts off of it will help out a lot. This is most helpful if the person chosen is studying for the same exam or writing the same paper.
  6. Take breaks. Even though you should be focused on the task at hand it is very important to take breaks during the night. Even if this means standing frequently and stretching your legs. You need to keep your blood flowing!

Here are a few things you should avoid when pulling an all night study session!

  1. Laying in bed. Try not to lay in bed when you study. This will only increase your chances for falling asleep!
  2. Caffeine pills. Never take caffeine or "stay awake" pills. You never know how your body will react to them and they can be dangerous. Chances are your body will react in an ill manner and your studying will not be accomplished.

The best way to study is to not pull an all nighter at all if you can avoid it.  Your brain always functions better after you've had a good night's rest and have thoroughly gone over your materials.  The best way to study is to plan days ahead of time in order to allow yourself time to study and sleep.  However, if you do have to pull an all night study/writing marathon these simple tips will help you achieve study success!


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