How To Reduce Student Stress

Being a student is stressful.  There are classes, extracurricular activities, social obligations and - for many students - part-time jobs.  This is a lot to juggle and many students will become victims of stress.  Stress can make students tired, sick and unable to concentrate.  Keeping student stress at a minimum is vital and it is relatively simple to do.

  • To reduce student stress, students need to focus on getting some rest and relaxation.  This is possible even with a full schedule.  Just take ten minutes every few hours to sit back and relax.  Try not to think about any outstanding responsibilities...just focus on the breeze, the sound of the ocean, or the complete quiet.
  • Students also need to get plenty of sleep.  Not getting enough sleep will make students more tired and will decrease their concentration; it will also make them more susceptible to illness and stress.  When students have a lot going on they tend to sleep less.  This is counterproductive; no one is at his best when tired and stressed out.  No matter what, all students need at least seven to nine hours of sleep each and every night.  This may seem difficult at first, but once they are getting enough sleep they will notice a positive difference in their energy levels and will likely notice that their stress is reduced.
  • A set of well-defined goals is also helpful.  This only works to reduce student stress if the goals are reasonable.  Students should set weekly goals for themselves.  All weekly assignment and responsibility deadlines should be added to the schedule first.  Once these deadlines have been added the student can add other things that they need to work on throughout the week. They should also include their work schedules, social obligations, fitness activities and time to sleep.  It is important for them to make reasonable schedules, or they may become stressed out about not completing their tasks.
  • To reduce student stress, a student needs to know his/her limits.  If a student cannot possibly do something, then it's best to learn to say no.  Students should never take on more than they can handle because this will surely add to their stress.  If they don't have the time to make those posters for the dance or bake those brownies for the bake sale, they need to say so.  It's okay to not be able to do everything; that's part of being human.

Students have limits and can only do so much.  When students take on too much and become stressed out it will show in everything they do.  Stress lowers performance and can lead to bad grades, arguments with friends and poor athletic performance.


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