How To Remember Things

Are you one of those people that always seem to forget things? Can't find your keys, your car, your cat or your kid? Or maybe you're a student who needs help studying or remembering concepts. Here are a few tips to help you remember things.

Step 1

Make a list. If you think you're going to forget something, write it down. There's nothing easier than referring to a list to make sure that you've remembered all that you need to. You may want to keep a little notebook with you so that all of your lists stay together in the same place. You'll always know where to look when your memory has failed you.

Step 2

Make an association. If you're studying or trying to remember names, you should try the association technique. You could ask someone's name and then think of someone else you know with that name. "Ah, I have a great aunt with that name. She makes great cookies!" If you can make a connection in your mind between your great aunt's cookies and your new friend, you're more likely to remember things like names.

If you're studying and you need to remember things, try using the ancient mnemonic method. Come up with the list of things you want to remember, and then play out a scenario in your house. It might sound something like this. To remember the original colonies, picture yourself in your house, which faces north and  south  (North Carolina and South Carolina). You go to hang up your coat in the closet, and see the old coat your aunt Mary gave your mom (Maryland). You head to the kitchen to make a salad with virgin olive oil (Virginia)... and so on. Get the idea? Create a story using the words you need to remember, or a similar word you need to remember so that you can easily recall facts.

Step 3

Think of a word or phrase that starts with the letters of the words you need to remember. Another great way to remember things is to think up a silly phrase or word that includes the first letter of everything you need to remember. For example, if you need to remember the planets in order, you could try to pronounce ‘MVEMJSUNP', or you could make up a phrase like "My Very Energetic Mother Jumped Suddenly Upon Nick's Pin". Notice now the first letter of each word in this phrase is also the first letter of each planet, in the correct order. Remember the phrase, and you'll remember the planets.

Step 4

Make up a song or a rhyme. Many students find that they can remember things if they sing them. We all sing the alphabet when we need to think of letter order, right? I'm sure there are numerous songs about the presidents, the planets, the provinces and every other thing under the sun. Songs and rhymes help to put information on our long-term memory, and they're easier to remember than boring facts. If you need to remember things, create a song or a rhyme. It doesn't have to be a #1 hit - just come up with something that it catchy and includes all the things you need to remember. You'll be humming away at your song while you study to remember things. It's a great method to help the forgetful.


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