How To Rent Mascots

Making an event memorable like a college week is easy and fun with the use of mascots. However, buying mascots can be very expensive. If you do not have enough money, your only hope is to rent mascots. Here are the best online mascot rental companies:

  1. The Customer. Aside from mascot rental, The Customer offers rentals for theater, child, and adult costumes, accessories such as hats, wigs and moustaches, and pet costumes. On an average rate, a complete costume costs $45. On the other hand, costume rentals that are complicated in design costs $50-$60. Discounts for mascot rentals could be as high as $750. The Costume rents for a whole show ranging from beggar costumes to the knights’. They also give special discounts for orders that are set six weeks prior to the opening night. In fact, The Costume has provided one show with a total of three hundred costumes. This company also accepts small orders like a piece of moustache or a piece of hat. Normally, the major dilemmas that the company faces are as follows: inappropriate body measurement; and double casting (for play production of university or college). If you think you will need a hundred percent help of The Costume make reservations ahead of time. Their busiest schedule is March. The Costume makes sure that they deliver the mascots a week before your big event to ensure that you can do dress rehearsals.
  2. Party Guest. This company provides full time service to all places in the United States of America. The mascots and the costumes that they bid for renting will indeed make your parties very impressive. They also offer purchasable costumes and mascots. Here is a list of their mascot design: tiger mascot, teddy bear mascot, puppy mascot, and gold lion mascot. Party Guest is continuously updating its lists. In the near future, they will include the following mascots: football mascot, shark mascot, bear mascot, and cat mascot. On the other hand, they do not offer Barney and Elmo mascots. Party Guest’s rate ranges from $150 to $200 as the minimum. They rentals last for four day basis. If you need more information about Party Guest, you may contact them at 1 800 990 6440.
  3. Pro Mascot. Pro Mascot offers affordable rates for their mascot rentals. The price varies according to the complexity of the mascots that will be created for you. They usually deliver newly created mascots after three to seven weeks of date order. Unlike other mascot companies, Pro Mascot provides cooling systems for their clients. They offer two types of cooling devices depending on your needs. In addition, they make sure that the fiber and the material that they use is suitable so that the client will be comfortable in wearing the mascot. Pro Mascot offers a range of the simplest to the most complex custom mascots.

Check the sites! Try mascot rentals, they offer the same quality but cheaper rates that surely suit your needs and preferences.


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