How To Request Copies of Your School Transcript

One of the most important documents you will need right after completing high school or college is a school transcript. A school transcript is needed when you apply for a job or transfer to another school. Depending on how the transcript will be used, you can either request for:

  • Official transcript – legitimate document issued by the school with a higher level of authentication; it may be printed on special paper and often bears the official seal of the school to ensure that it cannot be altered by the student; used for work and school applications.
  • Unofficial transcript – usually for the student’s records only so he can have a copy of his grades per school semester and can verify if he has completed all school requirements

If you need a copy of your transcript whether for job applications or for another school acceptance, follow theses steps:

  1. Locate your school’s official website. If you don’t know the exact web address, use your search engine to look for it.
  2. Log on to your school’s official website. Some schools allow their alumni to register online for greater access to the website. If not, you may want to consider registering so you can receive important updates.
  3. Find the link to the section on how to request for transcripts. Different schools have different layouts of their website. For college transcripts, you may find it under the link to the registrar or the academics office. If you cannot find the link, the easiest way to locate it is by typing ‘request transcript’ on the site’s search engine.
  4. Accomplish the request form. If the website has an online request form, print a copy and fill up the request form. Otherwise, follow the instructions on how to obtain a copy of your transcript. Some schools allow online requests but a majority requires a written request either by snail mail, fax or via email. Make sure that all the information the school asks for is accurate. Clearly indicate where the school should mail your transcript (home or workplace) to ensure that it is sent to the correct address.
  5. For schools that require payment for a copy of your academic transcript, include the payment with your request. This may be in the form of a check or money order. Also find out if there are additional charges depending on the speed of delivery. For online transactions, payment is made via credit card.
  6. Find out how you can follow up the status of your request. Know who to call and what telephone number to use.
  7. Follow up your request. When your transcript has not arrived within the time frame specified by your school, follow up the request to ensure that the school has received the request and/or to find out when and where the transcript was sent.

Note: If you are an overseas student and you need to have your transcript translated, you can check the web for online translation services.

Should you need further assistance regarding obtaining copies of your transcript, contact the academic affairs or registrar’s office of your school. Your school’s website should have the contact information.

Right after high school or college, it may be wise to get a copy of your school transcript. This gives you a written record of your grades and the courses you have taken. It’s easier to obtain school transcripts nowadays because the instructions are online.


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