How To Run for Student Council

So you want to run for student council, but aren't quite sure how to get started? Here are some tips that might help you:

  1. Have a good reason for running. Before you run for student council, make sure that you have the correct motives and reasons for it. Some good reasons for running for student council include you would sincerely like to serve your class, you'd like to bring about positive change in your school, you believe you would be able to contribute a lot to the student body with your time and your ideas. Don't run for student council just because you want the attention, or you want to prove yourself to your parents. Having a healthy reason for running will give you the positive energy and drive you will need to do your best during your campaign.
  2. Know the positions and the basic responsibilities for them. Remember, the campaign - or even winning it - is not the end result of running for student council. You should know the responsibilities and tasks you will face once you have the position to make sure that you are indeed ready for it. For example: the student body president is in charge of presiding over meetings and usually represents the student body in meetings with school officials. The secretary keeps records of every meeting and class activity; the treasurer is in charge of accounting and auditing funds.
  3. Know the rules. Campaign rules typically differ from one school to another so it's best that you procure a copy of the guidelines and have a faculty adviser to consult every now and then. If you're truly interested in becoming a leader of the student body then you have to start right: be vigilant about following school campaign rules to the letter and make sure that you are able to meet the basic academic requirements for candidates.
  4. Have a certain policy you want to advocate. Be known for one particular policy that you want to advocate. Make sure that this policy is indeed significant for the student body and will bring about positive change. Also, your advocacy should indeed be attainable and realistic - you don't want your classmates to think you're just making grand, but empty, promises so you can win the elections. Once you've planned your advocacy, associate yourself with this so that your classmates will remember you and the changes you want to instigate. You can even make your slogan out of it, and you can design your campaign posters based on this advocacy.
  5. Practice good ethics and manners. How you conduct yourself during the campaign is a reflection of your leadership and morality. Avoid bad-mouthing other candidates; never destroy others' campaign materials and don't over-criticize the school faculty and administration just to gain popularity with your classmates. Make sure that during your campaign, you'll be able to maintain an attitude of respect and graciousness to everybody - whether they're on your side of the campaign or not. This will also spare you loads of embarrassment if you don't win.

If you truly want to be elected into the student council, give your campaign 100% of your effort.  Good luck!


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