How To Teach College History

To teach history in a college you must have the required skills and credentials. There are standard requirements for teachers to be able to teach at a college but other requirements may also be asked of teachers and they will vary for each college. History is not an easy subject to teach so teachers have to be creative with methods of instruction. Here's how to be a history teacher.

  1. Requirements
    In order to be able to teach history in college you have to have the necessary requirements. The college system requires college teachers to have a master's degree and a PhD. A district college will accept teachers with a master degree but other colleges may require teachers to have a PhD to be able to teach a certain subject. The same qualifications apply to candidates to teach college history. Furthermore, candidates need a license, certification, and accreditation in education to be able to teach. In some cases if a person becomes an expert in a field by experience alone and has been highly acclaimed for his or her achievements in that field, he or she may be accepted to teach a college.
  2. Preparation
    People who discover they have a passion for history and teaching should plan their career early on. Preparation for a career in teaching college history will involve studying general world history as well as specialization in ancient history or western and eastern history. While training to be a college history teacher, other skills will be gained such as researching, problem solving, assessment, and writing. Effective teaching techniques must be learned to help students understand different periods in history and world cultures as well as have a better appreciation for world history. 
  3. Methods of Teaching
    The challenge of most history teachers is how to keep students interested about the subject. Teaching methods should be creative enough to get students involved in activities and projects where they can dissect available historical data and make investigations and analysis of particular events in the past. Teachers should be able to share the same enthusiasm they feel about history with their students. There are training centers that offer courses on teaching strategies for first time teachers. Students should be observed to find out when active learning in the class takes place and how to make them interact more often. It is the objective of training schools to provide teachers with the necessary skills to manage the classroom and communicate with their students effectively. They will get to see particular models that are in use in today's classrooms and have the opportunity to create similar lesson plans.

The knowledge college history professors impart help students learn from the past, understand the present and possibly make better plans for tomorrow.


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