How To Understand Different Learning Development Theories

Learning development has been considered as one of the most valuable studies that help in making better and more intelligent adults. These have been applied and tested with different subjects to give a well substantiated explanation of the learning process. You can understand about different learning development theories by opening your mind and considering some tips below.

1.    To start off simply, think about how you get to learn something different. What did you do to completely understand it and recall what has been read or said? When you are at school, you have classmates who excel and always the first ones who get to answer the teacher’s questions. Learn about their strategies, these students’ developments and what makes them better than the rest. This should give you an idea how learning development theories apply.

2.    These are the theories that you need to understand and a brief description of each.

  • Cognitive. –This is about the workings of the human mind. When you think, memorize, know things and solve problems. These are more of activities development that make you learn by exploring your ability to process thoughts or instructions.
  • Behaviorist. This theory states that a certain conduct is repeated depending on what effect it received the first time it was done. For example, you repeat an action because you received a reward the first time that you have done it. You stop doing an action because you were reprimanded in the initial act. Learning childhood experiences can better your understanding on this one.
  • Constructivist. This states that a human being’s new learning is subjected to individual bias relating it to past knowledge thus making it different from any other.
  • Humanist. The inherent capacity to act with the intention to reach goals. You learn new things because you know that this will help you as a person.
  • Design Theories. You learn better by learning either in an organized manner, in using different stages and making sure that you are motivated enough during the process of learning.

3.    Buy the book by Dale H. Schunk called Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective (5th Edition). This book is absolutely a must in understanding the different theories. It presents the information in an orderly and organized manner. Explaining as well who the masters are behind these findings. You will find tips and strategies in doing these theories in real life. It is not filled with overwhelming psychological and scientific terms, making it easier for you to comprehend. It helps you study development theories in an interesting way.

Teachers and different leaders should know about learning development theories. They can apply this and make you efficient in knowing what would work best for you. These theories can be applied in your day to day living, making a huge improvement in your adult life.


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