How To Understand the Basics of Vibration Analysis

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Vibration is defined as a mechanical fluctuation from an equilibrium point. Vibration can also be considered as period vibration. Period vibration is a random vibration or pendulum motion of an object. An example of this is the movement of tires when moving on a gravel road. There are different types of vibrations that we experience everyday. These are both desirable and undesirable. It is important that we have a basic understanding on vibration analysis and some of its principles.

Here are more information on vibration analysis:

  • Types of vibration. To fully understand vibration analysis, the types of vibration must be discussed. There are two types of vibration, namely free vibration and forced vibration. Free vibration usually happens when a machine is turned on and then left to vibrate on its own. An example of this is mechanical vibration. On the other hand, forced vibration is applying an alternate force on a mechanical system. An example of a forced vibration is the vibration of infrastructures during an earthquake.
  • Monitoring vibrations. Vibration monitoring is an important part of vibration analysis. All machines experience different types of vibration when they work. Monitoring the vibration of these machines will enable a mechanic to assess the performance of these machines. Monitoring vibrations of machines is a step in machine maintenance. Vibration monitoring instruments, such as vibration meters are used for this purpose. Vibration monitoring happens in factories and other industrial settings
  • Measuring vibrations. Vibration measurement instruments are used for measuring vibrations. One thing you can use is the vibration meter. The vibration meter is composed of three main parts, such as the vibration pickup, the pre-amplifier and the processing and display equipment. This will give you an accurate result of vibration that you need to get to make sure that a machine works properly.

Here are some websites where you can learn more about vibration analysis:

  • - This website provides articles on vibration analysis that is used in plant maintenance. Some of the articles that you will find are tutorials, charts, failure analysis and many more. You can view these articles and read them for free.
  • - This web page will give you different links of resources where you will find information on vibration analysis. Some of the topics that you will find include vibration conversion programs, vibration training, introduction to vibration analysis and many more.
  • - This web page has an article about vibration analysis. You will learn about collecting data, reading vibrations and vibration measurement and how to do vibration analysis on machines and other mechanical equipment.

These are some of the concepts behind vibration analysis and some websites where you can learn more about the application of the subject. There are also some websites that conduct training courses and classes on vibration analysis. By reading more about the subject, you will slowly understand and comprehend the different concepts behind this topic. You can also read about the technical elements of vibration analysis from physics books.


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