How To Use a Time Study Form

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A time study form is like keeping a diary but without any of the self dialogue that is associated with diaries.  They are also called logs. What is recorded is the month, the day, the time and what you did at given times of the day.  A simple time study that is useful is an appointment book.  You can use the information from a time study form to figure out how productive your time was and at what time or event.  You can also use a time study form to decide which appointments should have been cancelled and what to do the next time you're setting your schedule so that you can be at your most productive and efficient.

A production study is a long term time study done to determine the working parts of a standard time model being used and to assess its efficiency according to its production rate.  In determining what can be expected from people performing a particular work task, what is studied and arrived at is called a work measurement. People who are performing that work can be evaluated according to that measurement to assess if they are reaching an expected work performance. A production study should cover either a part of the day or part of the work shift and the information should be presented as real work conclusions in detail of employee use of equipment and employee activity.

A production study usually starts by observing and recording employee activity for a period of time in an average work day.  That study is continued over a period of time and details about the equipment and employees are recorded, and conclusions formed, from a study of the results and based on the observed and recorded work activity. A time study that projects the results of time spent in planning, executing and delivering on a product which could be a study of a group of students who graduate in a given engineering class to determine if the time spent on getting the degree, the costs in money to the student and to the college achieved a reasonable rate of return by the graduates actually using those degrees in real work industrial settings.

An industrial study can be done to determine if the cost of replacement of computers for an industrialized center has increased efficiency or productivity.  For whatever project an industrial study is done what is needed is to gather information about real equipment, people, and productivity to determine if the expense is worth the continuation of that expense.

The number of motions required to complete a job are recorded as well as the time that was needed or was spent to complete that job.  For example, you may wish to study the number of motions required to climb a ladder and clean gutters.  The motions and the time would make this a motion time study and could be used for determing how much that worker will cost.


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